25th November 2017 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


2018 Date TBC Anglesea – Vic


2nd June 2018 Kalbarri


2018 Date TBC Townsville


Sprint Adventurethon

sprint-advSunday 4th December 2016, at 9am – Anglesea Victoria (1hr 20 from Melbourne)



Sprint Adventurethon-

  • Paddle 1 km (protected paddle)
  • Mountain Bike 10km (less technical and less physical option than the larger events)
  • Trail & beach run 4km

Who would like the Sprint Adventurethon event? 

  • For sprinters there is no pacing in this event – just go flat out and as fast as you possibly can, to get back before the 1 hour.
  • The Sprint Adventurethon is perfect for existing Triathlon people who really want a chance to show how awesome all their training is in an off road arena, without having to spend the long hours out on the course that is traditional for Ultra, Enduro and Duathlon
  • It’s a perfect chance for redemption for those competitors who haven’t done as well as they hoped on the Saturday. A dnf, mechanical or some other outside challenge that affects your race Saturday can really disappoint you – so jump in to the Sprint Adventurethon and smoke the course, finishing the weekend on a high.
  • If you are good at one element of the three (paddle, ride or run) and want to have a crack at the others, then the Sprint Adventurethon is great for you also.
  • If you have never done off road and are keen to see what all the fun is about – this is a perfect option for you.
  • The speed of this event will mean that it will not negatively impact any other training or races you have coming up – so Triathletes jump on board and show us how speedy you really are!


Overview of Sprint Adventurethon event

Green- Paddle

Pink- MTB ride

Orange- Run


junior overview tast jnr paddle anglesea

Paddle leg shown in Green

bike taste jnr elevation

MTB course with Elevation ( a couple of small ish hills, with one to get the heart rate up and make it fun at about 4km)

run taste jnr elevation

Run Course in orange…completely flat (only 9 metres elevation over the course)