25th November 2017 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


14th April 2018 Anglesea – Vic


2nd June 2018 Kalbarri


14th July 2018 Townsville


Ultra Adventurethon

Anglesea Victoria (1hr 20 from Melbourne)

Adventurethon Anglesea Competitor Information Booklet – Ultra Duathlon & Enduro

Ultra Adventurethon- (Paddle Bike Run)

  • Paddle 16km (Ocean)
  • Mountain Bike 29km (Mostly singletrack with more technical options)
  • Trail & beach Run 16km


Who would like the Ultra Adventurethon event? if you train a fair bit (or are going to start doing so), people call you crazy, you love technical options on the mountain bike where you can get them. You love it when the sea gets a bit bumpy and mostly want to go paddling then, you love to run and enjoy a challenge… did i also mention you have to be a bit of a nutter?

ultra overview

Paddle-  Green


ultra paddle suit SW wind

Paddle is set for a prevailing South Westerly in order to punch into the wind at first then turn and be able to surf the waves/ chop back to the start.

Alternate Direction of paddle will take place toward the East if the wind is primarily easterly driven.

(announcement of this will be the week prior to competition when long range forecast offers first signs of wind) There are also multiple levels of contingency plan should that once in 10 years weather event happen to fall on our event day.




MTB –  (and shown in blue with elevation profile below)


Ride- Shown BLUE in below Map is Moderately technical with main features being:

  • a few small wood logs across the track which have been cut or built up to allow easy roll over.
  • A few tight corners which is standard in bush single track which weaves in and around trees and grass trees
  • a few cool jumps which can be hit to launch by advanced riders or simply rolled over for the less experienced
  • a few small drops

Anything that is considered at the upper level of technical for this course will be marked with a difficult terrain sign or ! sign , Images of these will also be shown at safety brief with tips on how to best attack them.


The hills are a relatively easy climb by comparison to a lot of other ride locations we have, relatively short and not super steep climbs

Main riding surface is Dirt and limestone with only a few small sections of gravel and a tiny rock garden or 2 to contend with.

Download Map For training with Direction of flow shown map-bike-with-arrows

Download Map of maze area of Bike Course  with Direction map-zoom-of-maze

bike course with elevation 29km

Elevation of MTB –  Minimal hills by comparison to others in series Short and not steep somewhat rolling in nature


Run leg  Shown in ORANGE  is low technicality  by comparison to some of our events with main features being:

  • Run along the edge of the river path (pretty easy)
  • Crawl under bridge then continue follow ribbons dirt track
  • single track merges onto gravel then onto single track again, pretty flat
  • gradual Climb with single track as hill gets steeper ground becomes more rutted and more technical
  • Single-track loop is really scenic and awesome scenic track
  • Descends down to HQ covering some of the rough terrain and then crossing river at bridge
  • crawling under same bridge and back to the finish

Download map for training on Run leg with arrows run-overview-arrows-long-and-endure Note that there is a shorter run for another event which you need to run past.

run course with elevation

Elevation of RUN -Minimal hills on Course finishes flat and downhill so can carry speed into back end of the run