1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Murchison Dash – A paddle adventure down the Murchison river

Murchison Dash – A paddle adventure down the Murchison river starting with a narrow section of river and opening out to a wider section as you approach the coastline.Plenty of nice rock formations and wildlife to look at along the way!

Marathon Paddlers are encouraged to take part in the event for racing training as a lead in to other races on the calendar, its perfect lead in for fitness for the iconic Avon Descent in August.

Race it hard, or cruise it to the finish ! either way grab a mate and get into it

dash photo

Murshison Dash Start area kalbarri

Murchison Dash Paddle – Also Stage 3 of the Staged race

Date: 3rd June        Time: 7:30 – 11:00am       Start Location: Murchison Station Kalbarri, WA    Finish Location Kalbarri Foreshore

DASH Ultra: 16.5 km

murchison dash paddle ultra distance

Any paddle craft is welcome to attempt the full course which is a point to point challenge starting at the station

K1,K2, Surfskis , Canoe, Plastics, outriggers, SUP

The Full Course has a few shallow sand sections but the entire river can be paddled with a surf rudder if you keep in the deeper sections (which are faster anyway)

The SES will keep you safe on the water with some rescue boats checking paddlers.

Some take it serious and others take an Esky ! take on a challenge and finish on the riverbank with the Canoe and Cray crowd to cheer you on, take in the landscapes from a prime viewing position on a kayak.

Murchison Dash is a flat water paddle that features tidal influences and shallow water. This creates good marathon training and Pre Avon river fitness. This event is a point to point paddle starting at the Murchison Station to the mouth of the river.

When on the river there is incredible views of rock features.

dash start waves

DASH Enduro: 8km Paddle

Date: 3rd June        Time: 8:30 – 11:00am  Start & Finish Location Kalbarri Foreshore (out and back course)

murchison dash paddle enduro distance The course heads upstream for approx 4km to a turn buoy before heading back downstream. Castle rock is right near the turn position and well worth a quick glance on the paddle.All Paddle craft are welcome and this is the ideal distance to attempt a bit of a challenge without too much need to train too seriously OR to be able to really hit it hard and fast if you do train hard.

dash aerial

DASH Junior/Taste: 2km 

Date: 3rd June        Time: 9:30 – 11:00am  Start & Finish Location Kalbarri Foreshore (out and back course)

murchison dash paddle taste junior distance The perfect distance for a first time paddle race OR a flat out effort to race against your friends and family…Hire boats are available please give us notice if you need to arrange a hire boat as they are in limited supply… a 2km effort is a good challenge for the kids too.

All paddle craft including surf club nipper boards are welcome at the event.