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How to buy your first proper mountain bike

If you are considering buying your first proper mountain bike, congratulations! There is so much fun to be had on 2 wheels and amongst the best of nature, however you have been warned… Mountain Bike riding is addictive and...
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Riding Switchbacks on your Mountain Bike

There are no shortcuts to better mountain biking. You need to learn the skills and practice, practice, practice. Once those skills are second nature, the speed will come and you will find yourself on trickier courses and enjoying your...
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tyre selection bng

Tyre selection for rocky mtb terrain

Watch this short video to learn how best to choose a tyre for the rocky mountain bike terrain that is specific to the Townsville area.
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DIY cleat set up – Part 1: The Goldilocks Principle

DIY cleat set up – Part 1: The Goldilocks Principle (Thanks to Daina Clark – Senior Podiatrist and Bootcamp Instructor for the article) As an Adventure Racer or multisporter how are you supposed to set your mountain bike cleats...
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How to ride Down Stairs

How to ride down stairs- Perfect prep for ALBANY ADVENTURETHON lead with eyes set speed attack position/ weight through pedals relax and float your head How to ride DOWN Stairs on a Mountain Bike – the 4 Key Steps...
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bunny hop

How to bunny Hop – jump over small obstacles

Check out this video for more tips on how to jump over small obstacles such as tree branches or sticks fallen onto the bike trails. Great tips from the guys at mtb tips.
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log rollover

How to ride a log rollover

Great video from the guys at mtb tips showing the main steps on how to ride a log rollover on a mountain bike.
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Mountain Biking Tips – Cornering

Learn how to corner on a mountain bike with skill and control – check out the videos below for some easy tips to practice on the trails.
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Why do my feet hurt?

To quote a very famous doctor With brains in your head and feet in your shoes you can go in any  direction you choose   But what happens when those feet in your bike shoes are killing you and...
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To ITB foam roll or not to ITB foam roll

To ITB foam roll or not to ITB foam roll Thanks to Daina Clark (senior podiatrist and Bootcamp Instructor) for this great article. Do you have pain on the outside of your knee when you run or ride?  It...
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