13th October 2018 Mackay – 3 events – 3 locations


1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


martin gunda's carbon overstern rudder

Rudder me this…

With the Birth of the Demolish event in the Clarence Valley,  NSW and the introduction of some easy rapids on the paddle stage at Clarence river rush, we have been inundated by surf ski paddlers who are itching to...
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Sam Clarke
Adventurethon stellar SES

The Stellar Surfski Range in a nutshell (oh no, i’m in a nutshell…)

Ever wondered about the Stellar range of Surfski’s? here is a quick overview about which skis to look at and what may suit you the best. to Arrange a Demo paddle of the Stellar range Contact Joel Savage TOWNSVILLE MACKAY...
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david mocke

Paddling tips from a surfski guru

Great article on PADDLING TIPS from Go Multi Magazine by Deon Braun. (article and images from Go Multi Magazine) GET STABLE I can hear chuckles and smirks already. Easier said than done I hear you say. This may come as...
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50 DOUBLE Kayaks get Adventurethon teams moving this July 4 & 5

Do you have the fittest or toughest team in the North?  This July 4th & 5th is your chance to showcase your teams in our off-road, adrenalin pumped multi-sport event! Adventurethon has secured the use of 50 double kayaks...
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surf OC1

How to Surf in your Ski or Outrigger

The Demystification of Surfing an OC-1 Original article by http://www.kamanucomposites.com/2012/the-de-mystification-of-surfing-an-oc-1 As paddlers, we are obsessed with talking about stroke. Terms like catch and cavitation have become common place. Nowadays we even talk a fair amount about training programs and...
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Tempo Training for Paddling

Tempo Training for Paddling Tempo training is a continuous, high volume paddling session with a buildup in the middle to near race pace intensity. An example of one hour tempo paddle would begin with 15 minutes of easy paddling,...
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Tegan Maguire_SRCraft

Choosing the right craft for you

Choose the right craft for you Paddling is becoming more popular each year and if you’re an adventure freak you will eventually come to that point in time where you will need to know which craft best suits you....
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paddle article

Technique for Kayaking & Surfski racing

If you want to know a few tips on efficient paddle technique, this video sums it up.
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jarad article

How to Start your Paddle race faster-with Jarad Kohlar

Jarad Kohlar (Head coach at Peak Adventure)- Multiple Adventurethon Champion and general Adventure racing and multisport champion gives a few tips on how to start your paddling a little faster.
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