13th October 2018 Mackay – 3 events – 3 locations


1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW



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Located on the southern coast of WA, this little city sits between lush green hills looking straight down into the Princess Royal Harbour. Crystal blue waters and sandy beaches surround the area adding to a natural and stunning landscape – a perfect get away destination!

War Memorial, Albany, Western Australia

Photography: Amazing Albany

Well known for its natural beauty & preservation of heritage. An important role to the Anzac Legend; being the last port of call for ships departing Australia in the First World War. Competitors are able to physically experience some of the Anzac Landmarks where troops gathered & marched. It is an honor to hold our event at such an iconic, historical and meaningful location. Find more on Anzac Albany.



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photo credit – Di Sinclair photography


Albany’s ocean waters will be nothing like you have seen before (unless you are a local)! Our paddle courses are also situated near the Princess Royal Harbour giving you a imaginable scenic view!


Photography: Andrew Halsall
Photography: Andrew Halsall

Lush, Green Landscapes

Situated between Mount Clarence and Mount Melville, Albany’s City is the center of lush landscapes, scenic views & national parks. Albany is also well known for its granite and limestone cliffs making up our Rock Hoppin’ run legs.

Take a look at Albany’s MTB Course for 2017

Here’s a clip to give you an insight on Albany’s Ultra & Enduro Mountain Bike tracks and trails to help you prepare for what’s coming up in January 2017.

There will be A LOT of MTB climbing including dirt tracks and obstacles along the way. Be ready for 2hrs of pain.