2nd June 2018 Kalbarri


24th June 2018 Charters Towers


14th July 2018 Townsville


13th October 2018 Mackay




You must read this document to get some of the really important information about the event.

Competitor Information Booklet – Ultra Enduro and Duathlon

Competitor Information Booklet 2017 – Taste Junior and Sprint

Course Maps

Adventurethon Albany Ultra Course Guide 2017

Adventurethon Albany Enduro Course Guide 2017

Adventurethon Albany Duathlon Course Guide 2017

Adventurethon Albany Sprint Course Guide 2017

Albany Advertiser Taste of Adventurethon Course Guide 2017

Adventurethon Albany Junior Course Maps 2017

Equipment List

Check out the list of equipment items, including mandatory equipment HERE


Paddle, trail Run, Paddle, Mountain Bike & Trail Run (see various options for distances as well as Run and ride only option)


Albany is located in the Great Southern area of Western Australia. (approx. 400km south east of Perth)

Race HQ will be located at Anzac Peace Park – The bottom of York St, Albany, WA 6330

Event Area_Albany

Parking: Competitors are advised to follow all parking signs in the area especially when loading and unloading kayaks. Please use only designated areas. Competitors are not to park in the Sailing club members area, please park in the designated Adventurethon Parking on the grass under the trees. Competitors can enter the Sailing club area to load and unload kayaks.

Pre-Event Dinner & Briefing

Dinner – Race HQ Menu TBA

Briefing Friday 6th Jan 7 pm

Venue: Race HQ

Start Location & Transitions Saturday event

Transition: Anzac Peace Park

Runners Team transition (for 2km run between paddle): Camp Quaranup (driveable by team runners)

Course Outlines

All information about logistics across all courses…with no actual course maps shown. Albany Information Booklet 2016

Course maps for each event

Albany Course guide Ultra

Albany Course guide ENDURO

Albany Course guide DUATHLON

Albany Course guide Taste and Junior



The Saturdays events are quite technical in places, if they seem too technical you should look at the Easier events on the Sunday OR develop your skills in those areas leading up to the event. (after all it is meant to be an adventure right !!!)

Some of the Obstacles you are likely to encounter on your ALBANY MTB ride:

  • Steep hills – and a few of them, see the elevation profiles provides to get a good picture of the course
  • Traffic – Some obstacles will be traffic related in the form of having to dismount to cross a road or share the road with a vehicle in a couple of spots.(No road closures but signs are erected to warn motorists in these instances)
  • Stair descending- there are walking tracks we use in order to be able to link up enough trail to make the MTB track. These include sections of stairs which can be quite hard to ride even for experienced xc riders…it is recommended that you attempt to ride some stairs prior to the event or better still go over the course prior to the event.
  • Sharp rocks and Narrow tracks- Some of the areas on the track are walking tracks which have areas only wide enough to walk through, leaving only 1 line option to ride through safely, these lines can include having to roll over or jump over sharp rocks so having control of your bike is imperative. Also ensuring you ride within your capabilities.
  • Berms & Wall rides (wooden and earth made)
  • Drop offs- there is one descent sized drop on the course as well as a couple of steep stairs that need to be hit as you would hit a drop
  • Dirt Jumps- Dirt jumps appear in the Downhill area of the track, dirt jumps can be rolled over easily by controlling your speed… obviously you can jump it too.
  • Loose dirt on fire trails – After all that intense riding you may think its easy to descend a fire trail but the lack of obstacles makes it easy to get speed going, if you happen to hit some soft sand your can lose control so be aware of soil types and changes

Albany MTB Elevation zoom out all


The Saturdays run course is quite technical in places, if it seems too technical you should look at the Easier events on the Sunday OR develop your skills in those areas leading up to the event. (after all it is meant to be an adventure right !!!)

  • Rock hop-  There are a couple of Kilometres of hopping between descent sized boulders on the edge of the water, you can walk these sections where needed and it is recommended you wear your helmet in this area before dumping your helmet with a marshal at the end of the rock hop section. ONLY STEP ON ROCKS, NEVER STEP ON WET ROCKS!!
  • Vehicles and Suburbia- You will have to cross a road a couple of times, vehicles are notorious for hurting you when they run into you, so take 5 seconds before crossing a road to make sure you don’t end up hit and having to take an ambulance ride
  • Steep Up hills- You had better make sure your body can deal with running up a hill or a few
  • Stairs- near the Desert Corp memorial there are a bunch of stairs… don’t disrespect the diggers by not pushing yourself when you get there
  • Technical downhill running- YESSS! almost as fun as technical mountain biking …make sure you have some practice descending technical trail stairs etc so you can really enjoy race day
  • War memorial- there are old barbed wire sections and things you can fall off in this area…don’t be a goose!
  • Members of the public- they will be around, respect them and encourage them


Event Start Times

SATURDAY 7th January 2017
Ultra Adventurethon: 7:00AM
Enduro Adventurethon: 7:00AM
Dirty Duathlon : 7:15AM

Presentations 6pm and join us for a meal and drinks: NEW VENUE   InSwing Sports bar 40 Sanford Rd, Centennial Park WA 6330


SUNDAY 8th January 2017
Albany Advertiser Taste of Adventurethon/ Sprint & Junior Adventurethon: BRIEFING @ 8:30, RACE STARTS @ 9:00AM (from forts)
(Taste Men’s, Taste Teams & Juniors only  + Female wave)
Presentations 12:30 pm at race HQ (Anzac Peace Park)



1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be presented on the podium with gold, silver and platinum black medallions awarded.





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