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Great Ocean Trail Run – Stage 3

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Great Ocean Trail Run – Stage 3

Date: 14th April        Time: 3:30pm – 6:30pm        Location: Anglesea

Great Ocean Trail run Ultra distance

Ultra: 18 km

Great Ocean Trail run Enduro distance

Enduro: 11km








Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-9020Taking in some of the Surfcoast walk that overlooks the ocean and skirts the cliff lines along Anglesea’s Eastern aspect was a no brainer! Runners’ starting and finishing with this piece of Great Ocean Coast we thought it could only be better if we added the winding roller-coaster of single track that the mountain bikers love. This tests and excites runners skills, giving them the thrill of running some of the best mountain bike trails in the area.

Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-3317Mountain bike tracks are made to flow with the landscape, snaking their way along contours of the landscapes to take you on a journey not just from A to B but over, through and around features that really make the journey super fun!

A trail runner will see the technical ground and its surroundings as an advantage when running. All the surrounds are fair game; from foot positioning the berms to branch grabbing to turn a corner faster. Put Simply trail running on technical and winding terrain is more fun than running on a road!

Anglesea has a great flow of trails and we have taken in some of the MTB tracks to offer a fun track that you will feel as if you’re bombing over on a MTB,starting and finishing with a coastal trail to excite your inner wanderer.

Choose long or short course to suit your fitness and speed goals

Runners will be rewarded with the magic hour of sunlight before the finish line.


Have a look at the checklist to ensure your don’t forget anything

Great Ocean Road Trail Run Equipment List

Course Maps

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