13th October 2018 Mackay – 3 events – 3 locations


1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Schools Challenge


Victorian School Adventurethon Championships

Is your school the most adventurous in Victoria?

The Victorian Schools Adventurethon Championships will again be held in Anglesea on the Surf Coast region of Victoria along the Great Ocean Road. Anglesea is well known for its great beginner friendly options of paddling, biking and hiking and with the history of Schools camps and excursions to the area is well known for being the first adventure playground of many Victorians.

As children’s lives are filled with more technology, and in general we are surrounded by more concrete, we are left with kids who are in a Nature deficit. Our aim of the Victorian Schools Adventurethon Championships is to encourage participation in activity outdoors being amongst nature, as well as fostering good team spirit. Introducing students to new challenges will set them up to be more resistant to stress and overwhelm as they become leaders of the next generation.

Can either be as a relay or same 2 people the entire course however both options are competing against each other so unless the kids are the next solo champs the fastest way to complete the course will be tag team relay. There is a great sense of achievement by completing the entire course from paddling the creek to riding the trails and then finishing with the run leg.

The Distances of the event are

  • 1km Kayak Paddle along the protected Anglesea river
  • 11km Mountain Bike ride through the Anglesea trails
  • 4.5km run through dirt tracks and trails.

Included in the Schools Challenge event are:

  • Event Entry
  • Event T-Shirt
    • If only register before shirt cut off day 7th March
  • Medallion

Can compete in teams or as individuals

How to get ready for the Schools challenge

Pre event training is available for Melbourne area with

Peak Adventure www.peakadventure.com.au    (03) 9391 3647  info@peakadventure.com.au

More Info on Peak Adventure Special

Getting Ready for the Challenge for Schools on the Surf Coast  and northern coast of Victoria

“GORATS”  offers paddling clinics and bike hire to schools www.gorats.com.au    0417 576 973   info@gorats.com.au 

Go Ride a Wave offers paddling clinics to Schools further north in Victoria’s coast    www.gorideawave.com.au     1300 132 441    info@gorideawave.com.au