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1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Single-Track Attack – Mountain Bike – Stage 1

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Single-Track Attack – Mountain Bike Stage –  Stage 1 of Adventurethon Demolish Anglesea

Date: 14th April        Time: 7:00am – 11am        Location: Anglesea

Single Track Attack ultra distance

Ultra 30km

Single Track Attack enduro distance

Enduro 22km








Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-2484 (1)Single-track Attack offers unique trail features with a grippy, winding, single track that makes for fast riding and favours those riders that can maintain speed in and out of corners.

The fallen trees over parts of the track make for unique rollover obstacles with some made into ramps and smaller branches simply to be popped over rewarding those well-rounded riders.

Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-2639 (1)A series of fun ramps and easy drops are found on the course with momentum and commitment being the key, all features are XC bike friendly.

There are a few small hill sections however this is no a sloggers course, minimal elevation by comparison to other MTB events, with just enough climbing to reward you with a fun downhill ride is never feels like it’s too hard.

There is a small section of gravel road js included between single tracks in order to set up a fun section of drop bear and red rock, perfect way to begin the ride home with flowing downhill sections and well cared for berms marking this a great off the breaks adeline rush.

We believe we have included all the best trails in the best direction to make this an unforgettable ride.

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Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-2955 Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-2846 (1)Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-9052Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-2774 (1)Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-2661 (1)Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-2272 (1)