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1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Surfcoast Downwinder Paddle – Stage 2

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Competitor Information Booklet 2018

Surfcoast Downwinder Paddle – Stage 2

Date: 14th April        Time: 12:00pm – 3pm        Location: Anglesea

Surfcoast Downwinder Ultra Distance

Ultra: 15-17 km (Conditions)

Anglesea paddle Enduro distance

Enduro: 7-8km (looped course in the protection of Point Roadknight)









Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-8483This is a point to point DOWNWIND paddle taking in some of the Surf Coast Shires most iconic landmarks. This course is made to change with the weather, thus still providing the best downwind paddle.

Starting at Fairhaven Beach (if in a small swell) or over at Urquhart’s bluff (if the swell is larger) with both options paddling past the Aireys Inlet lighthouse before heading towards Cape Roadknight and passing the amazing Surf Coast cliffs and stunning beaches

The prevailing wind is south-west at this time of year with swell and wind assisting paddlers towards the end goal of Anglesea Beach. Even if the wind doesn’t show up for the race day it will be an awesome sampling of the coastline, which always looks better from the ocean.

Once you are around Point Roadknight you will either finish on Anglesea Beach or at Point Roadknight Beach (condition dependent). The swells wrap around the point to provide clean swells that beg to be ridding in a Surfski or Outrigger (in fact you should get down and do that whenever you have the chance).

Surfcoast Downwinder Paddle (ULTRA/LONG) 

Ultra (15-17 km) Boat Drop off

We have a few options for our ultra paddlers:

  • Friday trailer at HQ bring straps (name on straps) we will drop off – limited space (mainly for no support crew) – Friday 13th 5:30 pm till 9 pm
  • Can drop of kayaks Saturday morning however unattended till 9 am
  • If you have support crew can drop it off at start line from 9 am

Driving to Ultra Start:

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 12.01.10 pm

Make sure you allow extra time to drive to the Start of the Ultra paddle as The Great Ocean Road can get busy. If whether is in good condition the Start line will be at Memorial Arch at Eastern View, stay updated with courses through social media. Keep an eye out for Adventurethon signs and flags. We also politely as you not to park here all day.


3 buses have been allocated to take Ultra competitors to the start location of the paddle. These buses are first in best dressed and should be considered those who don’t have a support crew. To secure a seat email taylor@adventurethon.com.au with you name, contact number and preferred time slot. 

Time table is:

8:50 am: This bus is for those who aren’t participating in MTB

9:50 am: If competing in the MTB consider when you will be finished

10:50 am: This does not leave much time before briefing


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SurfCoast Downwinder Paddle Equipment List

Course Maps Descriptions

Surfcoast Downwinder/Anglesea Paddle Course Descriptions

Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-8586

Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-8512Adventurethon Anglesea 2018-8491