13th October 2018 Mackay – 3 events – 3 locations


1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW

Date: 1st & 2nd December 2018


We are unleashing our NEW Adventurethon DEMOLISH format  in the Clarence Valley region in NSW. After the successful launch of the Demolish Stage race format into Clarence Valley Last year we have made a few small changes to allow even smoother logistics and better more enjoyable flow of events for the weekend participants.

For some time we have wanted to put on an event with every leg being a stunner in its’ own right, with no need to compromise on quality. We often found that there were people who would love to do 1 discipline but not all of them and that finding teammates was kind of a hard process if they weren’t already part of the multisport circles. Hence the eruption of the Adventurethon Demolish Format onto the scene. Demolish is essentially an Adventurethon event which has been pulled apart to create 3 stand alone individual races, with times that can be tallied together in a stage race format at the end to find an overall champion. However, it can also can be raced as a tag team or in pairs or simply just do your favourite leg.

The Clarence Valley event will feature an amazing tour of the area taking in some challenging but fun mountain biking, adventure running and paddling over 2 days. Bring your family or mates and settle in for some great camping and entertainment with seriously easy logistics and a warm, country atmosphere at the heart of the weekend.

 “Having travelled a lot of the country I must say I was completely blown away with the Clarence Valley, we have been checking out potential venues over the last few months and the hardest bit has been trying to figure out what not to include… the area really has some amazing scenery and I actually felt like I was out of the country with no beach in sight and great water flow through the rivers amazing Gorges on the run. It was hard to think I was only 3 and a bit hours south of brissy at times.” Joel Savage

We can’t wait to be sitting around the fire at the Gorge Campsite with you all – Chatting about the amazing adventure run course you made it through earlier or how you tried your first go at rapids and flowing water and are now hooked.

Adventurethon Demolish will be a weekend of spectacular courses and enjoying the atmosphere. We can’t wait to share it with you.


– updates will be due shortly but for now get onto some training and put the time aside