25th November 2017 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


2018 Date TBC Anglesea – Vic


2nd June 2018 Kalbarri


2018 Date TBC Townsville



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Adventurethon Demolish has 3 different stages for you to choose from. PADDLE, RUN &/or RIDE.

The beauty of the DEMOLISH format is the opportunity to choose JUST 1 discipline. So if you are an avid Mountain biker and can’t paddle, or find it hard to get a team – this is perfect for you.

The Forest Flow Mountain Bike Leg is Saturday morning

The Gorge Adventure Run is Saturday afternoon

The Clarence River Rush Paddle is Sunday morning

You can choose to do JUST 1 Stage (or 2 stages) or complete the ULTIMATE DEMOLISH (which is all 3 stages). It really is up to YOU, and your preferences. There are also multiple distances for each stage available.


location with numbersAll races will be in the Clarence Valley region over the weekend of 25 & 26 November. There is enough time between races that if you wish to do all 3 (Ultimate Demolish) then that option is there.


How to get to Grafton & the Clarence Valley event

Grafton is located 300km south of Brisbane, 90km from Coffs Harbour and 600km north of Sydney


Camping is available over the weekend, which is particularly good if you want to be involved (or watch) all events. Saturday night camping at The Gorge will include campfire, music, food and results update…as well as the chance to chill out and enjoy the stunning Gorge area.

(More info on camping can be found  HERE)

Transporting Equipment

You will need to provide your own equipment for each stage of the race. If you need to HIRE bikes and/or kayaks check out the info HERE. The best way to transport between these stages is with a vehicle.

Car Hire

If you need to Hire a car we suggest you consider clearance when driving on dirt roads, as well as having to potentially crossing a puddle or 2.

The dirt road to The Gorge requires a little bit of clearance. We took a few vehicles out on our reccy trips and although a VW golf made it all the way to the campsites, it’s hardly the best choice if you have access to a slightly beefier vehicle with more clearance for dirt roads and puddles / should there be rain leading into the event. Sometimes with rain there is a small river crossing which requires a bit of clearance any standard 4wd will easily get through…some sedans also.

Start Location & Transitions

Stage 1: Mountain Bike Leg – Starts 9am & finishes at Bom Bom Forest Mountain Bike Park, Grafton

90min Drive to Stage 2

Stage 2: Adventure Run Leg – Starts 3pm & finishes at The Gorge, Heifer Station, Clarence Valley

Overnight Camping at The Gorge

45min Drive from Camp site and Stage 2

Stage 3: Paddle Leg – Starts at Lilydale Bridge, Winegrove Road & Finishes at Copmanhurst (45min drive from Stage 2)

Presentations at Copmanhurst. Camping Available


Course Outline – How the Weekend will work

If you are doing ALL THREE STAGES this will be how it flows. If you are only doing 1 or 2 of the stages, use this as a guide for planning.

Saturday 25th November

Stage 1 Forest Flow Mountain Bike: Start at 9am @ Bom Bom Mountain Bike Park

Travel to next stage – Run:  1hr 30min

Travel to Gorge Rd via Gwidyr Highway, Rogan Bridge rd, heading toward Coppmanhurst, then aim to get to Winegrove Rd and then cross the bridge to Gorge Rd.

Along the Gorge Rd it is 27km dirt rd to a dead end which is the Gorge campground (private property). It is possible to get along it with a 2wd but easier with a car which has higher clearance than a VW golf. Once at The Gorge, the campsites can be driven to, with some sites close to the river harder to access than those further away from the river. Camping will include – Music, BYO drinks, Food for purchase or BYO food and Results update

Stage 2 The Gorge Adventure Run: Starting at 3pm at The Gorge

Sunday 26th November

Travel to next stage Paddle:  45min (18km)

Stage 3 Clarence River Rush Paddle: Starting at 10:30am approx 4km upstream of Lilydale Bridge

Travel back along the Gorge Dirt road down to the river crossing at Lilydale Bridge- this can be your campsite for the night (if you didn’t want to camp at the Gorge for some reason). The paddle start is 4km upstream along the Gorge rd again. Look out for the kayak signs on your way to the Gorge or on your way back in.

Please note: details are subject to change to suit safety, track conditions and overall fun. Please use as a guide only and ensure you are at the briefing before the event.


Presentations, Briefings & Dinner

Friday Night Carb Up & Briefing 

Friday Night Carb Up (available for all competitors and families) *exact details to come soon

Will include MANDATORY Briefing (for competitors doing all of the disciplines)

Saturday Night Fire place and Music

The Gorge campsite

Camping will include – Music, BYO drinks, Food for purchase or BYO food and Results update. Cost is $20 per car plus a small fee for any trailers. Camping sites are limited and must be booked by emailing admin@adventurethon.com.au

See Camping for more information

Sunday Afternoon presentations and music

3pm Sunday Copmanhurst Pub – Great Beers and food available

Camping at the Finish Area of the paddle at Copmanhurst is available for a small fee and is on the edge of the river only a few hundred meters from the local pub where presentations will take place. You can set up your tent before or after presentations and then its a quick walk or bike ride back to the campsite to cap off a great weekend of getting outdoors with your mates.

Showers are available to anyone who is staying at the campsite and pays the small camp fee (packages available soon)

Equipment Checklist

Please be sure to read the entire checklist below as there are mandatory items on the checklist which you will need to make sure you have before race day.

Let us know if you have any questions. (this checklist for those doing all disciplines, please go through each leg to ensure you have what you need for each discipline)


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