13th October 2018 Mackay – 3 events – 3 locations


1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW



2018 Event Schedule

Mandatory Equipment Lists


Each Race Starts in a different area of Kalbarri to show off the Amazing variety of Terrain and experiences on offer!



Run 1 Kalbarri Gorge- Zbend carpark (Start & Finish area out and back run for both 4km and 11km events)

Abseil on this run is approx 1.5km from finish line

From town Approx 38 km total trip 1 way… head along Ajana- Kalbarri Road before you reach the Entrance to the Kalbarri National Park then follow the options to Z Bend.



MTB- Murchsion House Station (Start & Finish area looped course)

From Town Approx 8.4km along Ajana- Kalbarri Road and turn left into the Murchsion House station access road. ( keep your eyes peeled for this)

From The Kalbarri National park Z Bend its an approx 30 minute drive along the national park roads before an approx 1.8km along Ajana- Kalbarri Road  heading towards town before turning right into the Murchison House station… check it out.




Paddle -Murchison Dash long course (16.5km )Starts at Murchison house station and finishes in The Parklands Next to the Anzac memorial next to Chinaman Drive  (in the centre of the Kalbarri Township right next to the river)

You can pre drop your kayaks in place at the start area the day prior to the event if you would like to make a stress free day for your support crew OR you can get dropped out the morning of with your boat. http://www.murchisonhousestation.com.au/

Those paddlers who have pre dropped their boats the day prior can catch a bus from town which will take you to the starting area of the long course.

Shorter paddles (2km and 8km) Start at the finish line of the big paddle (in the centre of the Kalbarri Township right next to the volunteer marine rescue at the river mouth) the paddles are an out and back allowing for easy logistics for competitors


Run 2- Bigurda Bash 8km Run Starts at Natural Bridge and finishes at Eagle Gorge

These sections are both part of the Coastal cliffs when driving in to the Town of Kalbarri from the  coastal road  from the South you will see natural bridge approx 16km from the town and then Eagle gorge approx 8km from town… obviously they are coastal so keep an eye on them when arriving in Town and reverse engineer it to find them on race afternoon.

It is ideal to carpool to the start line or jump onto one of our busses from the Canoe and Cray HQ area on the foreshore back to the start line.


Registrations & Canoe and Cray HQ area (AKA FUN CENTRAL)

At the River mouth is the Canoe and Cray HQ… it is the Finish for the Murchison Dash Paddle, starting area for other paddles and is the main Party Hub / Social Zone where all the fun stuff happens…You shouldn’t miss this area as there will be some large tents set up and a hive of activity BUT i basically sits between the pubs and the river on a nice patch of grass overlooking an amazing river mouth… the Sun will set over the Ocean creating amazing views and the Bar will be open both  Sat and Sun for start of the Live bands.

This is where you will pick up your rego pack including race bibs etc on the Friday night. Each person in your team must attend and sign an indemnity form.

…then head to the Gilgai tavern for a Pirate & Wench dress up party and a good feed and drink.


Saturday Presentations for day 1 events and Sundays Day 2 / overall presentations will also be at the Canoe & Cray HQ on the Riverbank.



The New Demolish Format makes each stage a great standalone race with the ability to do multiple races and get an overall ranking across all the weekends events.

This will allow you to be fresh for each event and push yourself to achieve more as well as seeing a greater range of scenery in this great destination for Adventure activity.

Remember you can do as many or as little of the stages to suit your comfort levels, injuries goals and experience levels…just remember, we suggest you push yourself just a little at least to try something a bit tougher than you feel comfortable to tackle…if you do that then you are growing no matter what level that begins at :)

Event Start Times

2018 Event Schedule

Check each event page for more detailed information

Presentations, Party & Dinner

Presentation time and Parties on both Saturday &  Sunday just prior to the fires show and live music of the Kalbarri Canoe and Cray Carnival on the Kalbarri Foreshore at 6:00pm.

Pull up a chair, watch the sunset, grab some food and drink from one of the many food vendors at the carnival and listen to a set of great live music before we run through our podium of each event. Finish with more awesome music and party into the night with the Bar open till midnight each night.

1st and 2nd and 3rd place will be presented on the podium with gold, silver and Bronze medallions awarded.

Saturday Night Live Music on the Foreshore-This music duo consists of Donelle Bleakley and Dave Mackintosh.  Donelles sings and plays Acoustic guitar, saxophone and flute.Dave sings back up and plays electric guitar. Soft to hard classic pop rock, Country rock, Top 40 Tunes, Popular classics from the 60s- 70s – 80s -, 90s right up today’s generation of music. BAR OPEN TILL MIDNIGHT

Sunday Night Live Music on the Foreshore- REMNANTS Pub Rock Cover band! Yobbo Drums and vocal, Bro bass and Vocals, Fro Lead Guitar and vocals. (ROCK YA FACE OFF) BAR OPEN TILL MIDNIGHT


FREE FAMILY SOCIAL CALENDAR Canoe and Cray Carnival (CCC HQ on the Rivers edge)

  • Old Macdonald’s travelling Farm Sat 9am -4pm (cuddly animals and handfeeding etc)
  • Roving Mad Circus Workshops Sat 10-3 & Sun 10-3 (circus workshops and come and try and crazy pirate themed play)
  • Twin River Guard – All weekend (Reenactors of History, focus on Viking Migration and Medievel period etc)
  • Kite Kinetics- All weekend (Kite making workshops and Various Kite Displays including a 10 metre long whale kite and others)




Training for the Event

Training does not have to be complicated for the Adventurethon, for a lot of people the first step is just to get out and play with each of the disciplines and introduce yourself onto some Adventurous Terrain.

Once you have built up your confidence on a kayak/ surfski or mountain bike then you can go out and focus on pushing yourself for 2, 4, and 6 & 8 minute blocks (as you progress) with a dedicated rest time (approx the same time frame at first then try to reduce rest time as you get better) e.g 2 minutes work /2 minutes rest…progress to 6 minutes work 2 minutes rest (you can also find specialist trainers and groups in each of these areas or join a club that trains in one or more of these disciplines).



Logistics info for Kalbarri will be updated regularly but please feel free to email specific Questions to us at info@adventurethon.com.au if we haven’t answered your Questions so far… or Call Joel Savage 0447 496 489 he is always keen to have a chat to the Athletes about how things are going with their prep and questions.