25th November 2017 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


14th April 2018 Anglesea – Vic


2nd June 2018 Kalbarri


14th July 2018 Townsville



Competitor Information Booklets

Competitor Information Booklet – Adventurethon Kalbarri 2017


The Parklands Next to the Anzac memorial next to Chinaman Drive  (in the centre of the Kalbarri Township right next to the river)


Friday 3rd June from 5:30pm – 7pm

Kalbarri Motor Hotel, Lot 188 Grey St, Kalbarri

This is where you will pick up your rego pack including race bibs etc. Each person in your team must attend and sign an indemnity form.

Pre-Event Dinner & Briefing

Friday 3rd June

Kalbarri Motor Hotel, Lot 188 Grey St, Kalbarri

Mandatory Race Briefing- 7pm (there will be no race briefing for Ultra, Duathlon or Enduro competitors on Saturday).

Start Location & Transitions

All transitions will be, in a logistically easy One Drop point for bikes and Kayaks it will suit the athlete that wants a hassle free transition and pack up after the event. (TRANSITION AREA IS THE HQ AREA)

There will be 2 start locations for the Run, the Ultra and Duathlon will start together and the Enduro’s will start closer to town. (please see the pre event booklet that will be emailed to you with these locations prior to the event)

ULTRA & DUATHLON  STARTS= Natural bridge (16km south of HQ via  main road)  STARTS @ 7:00 am

ENDURO START= Pot Alley ( Look for signs approx. 7km south via road) STARTS @ 7:15 am



Adventurethon is like an Off Road version of Triathlon  but with Paddling instead of Swimming, Mountain Biking instead of road biking and Off-Road running instead of road/pavement running.There are a number of distances available to suit an Elite athlete or even the couch potato who wants to have a go for the first time.

Kalbarri Course:

  1. Starting with a Point to Point run into town along some amazing trails and coastline
  2. Paddling (with a choice of ocean and river or river only paddle legs dependent on course selection)
  3. Mountain Bike ride
  4. Finish

Course Outlines

Ultra Kalbarri Course Maps Guide 2017

Enduro Kalbarri Course Maps Guide 2017

Dirty Duathlon Kalbarri Course Maps Guide 2017

Taste Junior Course Maps Guide 2017


Event Start Times – all races are on Saturday 3rd June 2017

SATURDAY 3rd June 2017

Ultra Adventurethon: 7:00AM

Enduro Adventurethon: 7:15AM

Dirty Duathlon Adventurethon: 7:00AM

Taste of Adventurethon & Junior Adventurethon: 9:00AM

Presentations & Dinner

Presentations will be Saturday 3rd June 5:30 pm on the Foreshore (Race HQ) and will have live music and a licenced area till around 10pm.

1st and 2nd and 3rd place will be presented on the podium with gold, silver and black medallions awarded.

Training for the Event

Training does not have to be complicated for the Adventurethon, for a lot of people the first step is just to get out and play with each of the disciplines and introduce yourself onto some Adventurous Terrain.

Once you have built up your confidence on a kayak/ surfski or mountain bike then you can go out and focus on pushing yourself for 2, 4, and 6 & 8 minute blocks (as you progress) with a dedicated rest time (approx the same time frame at first then try to reduce rest time as you get better) e.g 2 minutes work /2 minutes rest…progress to 6 minutes work 2 minutes rest (you can also find specialist trainers and groups in each of these areas or join a club that trains in one or more of these disciplines).

Creche –  Must be minimum of 3 paying bookings by 21st May for creche to go ahead

cfrecheNo more fighting over WHO GETS TO DO ADVENTURETHON this year. Creche is now available at Adventurethon Kalbarri.

Purchase ENTIRE EVENT SPOT  or purchase ONE HOUR SPOT.

Available time slots are:

Saturday 6:30am – 2pm

For any information including pricing, send through an email to registrations@adventurethon.com.au

Logistics info for Kalbarri will be updated regularly but please feel free to email specific Questions to us at info@adventurethon.com.au if we haven’t answered your Questions so far.

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