1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Stage 3: Finch Hatton Gorge Adventure Run

Image fern finch hatton JS

Ferns and Greenery in the Finch Hatton Gorge National Park


Thank you for checking out Finch Hatton Gorge Adventure Trail run. We are very excited and know you are going to absolutely LOVE this new event. You can also keep updated via Facebook

Date: 14th October        Time: 8:00 am        Location: Finch Hatton Gorge

Downloadable topographic course maps are available via links in the competitor information booklet which can be accessed on the Logistics page.

Ultra/long 14km:  Full technical course with Mystery challenge at each waterhole  (get wet) – Additional Private land to access with a few hills

A run down the Gorge rd to at the Forest Flying property  (see the red line for this section) where there are some great hand cut trails, amazing bushland and unique plant life as well as some hilly terrain loops that will split up the field before you head into the National Parks walking track to visit Araluen Falls and the Wheel of fire and back to HQ When done.

overview long course Red first then Yellow


Enduro/med 8km: Moderate technical course with Mystery challenge (get wet)

A run down the Gorge rd to a turn around point then into the National Parks walking track to visit Araluen Falls and the Wheel of fire and back to HQ When done.

Medium run National Parks section


Taste/Junior 5km: A range of Moderate and low  technical course (shown below)

Along the Gorge Rd into national park walking track, visiting Araluen falls pool and then turning around at calistimen crossing and heading back to HQ

Short National Parks section


The Event HQ will be at the Cleared grass area next to the Ulysses Cafe

HQ area Ulysses cafe area

There will be a big Finish area with great atmosphere with food, drinks and music for all to enjoy at the HQ area and the best place to spectate from as the longer course runners will run past HQ a couple of times (Long course doing a loop in the Forest Flying Private property first up {shown in red line})

Finishers will get a medallion at presentations which will start after the runners have finished, the Stage racers who do all the disciplines of the Demolish Stage race will also get an additional medallion holder trophy.

Aerial from top of Rock Finch hatton Gorge

Expect to get wet at the pools- yes you will be getting into the swimming hole with a mystery challenge

Araluen cascadesfinch hatton JOEL

Finch Hatton Gorge Amazing scenery for a trail run

Craig next to big rock finch hatton


This Section of rock hopping is to access the Wheel of fire area (juniors won’t go to this) so slow down here

Rock Crossing