1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Magnetic Island

which race to choose

The same Adventurethon atmosphere you have grown to love, but a whole NEW course, guaranteeing fun, excitement and all the reward of competing in Adventurethon.

Imagine that feeling as you cross the finish line and you turn to your left as you see your best mate running across with you. The grin on his face beaming as the sweat and dirt drip off his nose. That first shared hand shake, which says ‘yep, we made it’. You take a few steps and grab yourself a cold drink. Time to can sit, relax or grab something to eat, surrounded by  music, cheering and encouragement of fellow Adventurethon athletes and their family and friends.

GET READY for a dirty, sweat drenching, mentally tough challenge on North Queensland’s stunning Magnetic Island. Be prepared for another weekend jam packed FULL of action for the whole family! A 20 minute ferry ride from Townsville will take you a world away from the busyness of the city and into the stunning coastal arena of Magnetic Island.

 Escape the concrete jungle and get your adventurous side recharged.

The humidity will slap you in the face like a wet fish…be prepared. Bring plenty of hydration and keep yourself cool as much as possible.  This makes Magnetic Island one of the most challenging Adventurethon Destinations. But don’t let this get to you, train & prepare yourself for your course to only achieve something that is more challenging!

The majority of Magnetic Island is untouched National Park and secluded beaches catering for a range of wildlife including rock wallabies, possums and variety of bird life, so keep your eyes peeled for a koala or two…no drop bears.

No matter the race you are doing, there is something to suit any fitness level, ability and confidence level. Be challenged, and have fun.

Adventurethon Magnetic Island hits TV!

Check out part 1 (below) of the Adventurethon Magnetic Island Documentary that was shown on TV!!

Thanks to Alana and Guy Andrews Adventure for their awesome snapshot of Adventurethon Magnetic Island with the Connolly Suthers Taste of Adventurethon and Sealink Juniors.