1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


North Queensland Schools Challenge

Adventurethon is a National Multisport Adventure Racing series involving kayaking, trail running and mountain biking.  Each event has a range of challenging levels including junior, beginner and seasoned athlete.


The North Queensland Schools Challenge is an opportunity for school to encourage students 8 – 16 years to participate in a family friendly event either as an individual or a team.


As children’s lives are filled with more technology, and in general we are surrounded by more concrete, we are left with kids who are in a nature deficit. Our aim of the Schools Challenge is to encourage participation in activity outdoors being amongst nature, as well as fostering good team spirit. Introducing students to new challenges will set them up to be more resistant to stress and overwhelm as they become leaders of the next generation.


Merida Bikes & Spirit Kayaks have jumped on board with prizes for the school with the highest attendance over the 2 North Queensland events.


Students may participate individually or as a team. Each member of a team is recorded as one point.

We do recommend that children under the age of 10 have an adult accompany them on the run and ride legs.

Teachers and P&C Members for the school may also participate and earn points for their school. The must inform us a registrations that they are representing a particular school so that the points can be allocated.


What do students need to participate?

Students will need their own paddle craft (kayak, paddleboard, ski etc), pfd and bike to participate.

Kayaks are available to hire – if you require information to hire kayaks please contact us


Each competitor will receive a race shirt (if registered by the race shirt cut-off date) and finisher medallion. Refreshments will be provided at the finish line.


How will points be allocated?

When students register they will be asked what school they are representing. Points will be allocated to the appropriate school. For schools that have junior (p-6) and senior campuses (7-12) points will be allocated separately.

All schools need to do is encourage their students to participate.

Students will need to register online at www.adventurethon.com.au 

Points will be accumulated over the 2 events and prizes awarded at Adventurethon Townsville.


Team Tents

Schools are encouraged to have a team tent at the Transition area. If you would like to have a team area at either event please let us know so that we can allocate space.


Need more information

If you would like more information or you are interested in holding a kayaking or mountain biking session with one of our trainers please contact Joel info@adventurethon.com.au 0447496489