13th October 2018 Mackay – 3 events – 3 locations


1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW


Ultra Adventurethon

bng ultra

Courses can be completed either as an individual or as a team.

  • Paddle 20km*
  • Trail & Beach Run 16.5km*
  • Mystery activity
  • Mountain Bike 32km*
  • Run along the beach approx. 200 metres to finish

Magnetic Island Ultra 2017 overview

Leg 1 – 20km Paddle

Picnic Bay

Paddle to Run transition

Westpoint CheckpointThe paddle starts at Horseshoe Bay and heads around to West Point to check in for safety purposes. You will then complete the back end of the challenging paddle around  to Picnic Bay Coming in along the edge of the Jetty at the boat ramp. First half of the paddle will respond really well to anything with an easterly influence as will have a downwind leg on this bit. Once at West point Anything Easterly will become a headwind but you will be paddling close to reef and overlooking turtles and rays galore and sampling sections of mangrove along the way. Of course you can choose to paddle out wider lines if the water is faster. This will depend on your race plan.




run rock hop

Run Rock Hop

14938310_964528663678920_4982080137852160818_nLeg 2 – 16.5 Run From Picnic Bay over into Rocky Bay with small sections of rock hopping and onto the Gorgeous Rocky Bay Beach. There will be a ropes feature where there will be 4 x ropes set up for an abseil (subject to change as per PACI Requirements & Safety) after getting your harness and safety gear on and descending the cliff face, hand the gear back and continue running along the beach rock hopping where needed and then turning off into the suburban section of Mandalay Ave where the next great section of trail begins.

The Nelly to Arcadia track is a favourite piece of trail amongst bushwalkers and trail runners and offers a gradual climb to the Checkpoint and then a further gradual climb before descending and then peeling off towards the Forts track rather than towards Alma bay. You will then climb to the forts and take in that area before descending an old 4wd track which is quite steep and has become eroded over the years. Once at Radical bay Rd it’s a quick skip to Radical Bay and onto the beach before rock hopping around to Balding Bay and onto the track back to Horseshoe bay for the end of the run.

horseshoe bay area

Horseshoe Bay Area

Leg 3 MTB 2 laps of a mix of Course terrains, this course is a tough physical challenge with a few testing hills and fun descents as well as un-manicured good old tough rocky terrain on both the climb and the descents. The addition of some new sections of Private horse riding property will make for some flowy sections to start and finish each lap on (please avoid these sections in any training)

the forts carpark

The Forts Carpark

Ride through the flats of Horseshoe bay Via the Horse Property, exit the property via a single-track running near the edge of the road and heading up towards the Forts carpark once you get in line with the carpark swing right up a steep climb until you descend to the road after the telstra tracka dismount and safe crossing head into the Telstra track… this section is a pretty steep section with some rough terrain, heaps of fun for those experienced riders to enjoy with the challenge something the less experienced riders should be stoked to get through. After the Gnarly descent it’s a fast downhill surge down the bitumen where the lungs can be inflated again and the body cooled before heading down Mandalay ave and taking on the pipeline trail.

checkpoint c

Checkpoint C

Riding out Chk C downhill

Riding out from CPC

The pipeline trail is a rocky tough climb where line choice is very important and momentum is your friend, keep it at all costs to make this easier (New additions for this bit of trail challenge is to ride all the way to CPC) At the pinnacle you will get to the checkpoint C and descend a Fire trail called Savage canyon otherwise known as hell. The section is very prone to erosion and so a series of water bars criss-cross the trails. Sections of these erosion bars can be carefully descended and make for a bit of fun, as the hill gets less steep people will let their brakes off and allow the momentum to take them down the hill towards Horseshoe Bay. Once at Horseshoe bay the trail spits you onto a section of bitumen where you can quickly sneak in a drink or snack before heading towards the Horse tracks and a great winding section of trail makes for heaps of fun…the speed will be dictated by the Flow of rain in the days leading into the race as these sections have a few creek crossings in the wet BUT are bone dry when thee has been no recent rain.

The finish will include racking your bike and running up the beach for a couple hundred metres before crossing the finish line.


Equipment List can be found here: EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST

*Distances are subject to change, use distances as a guide only.