13th October 2018 Mackay


Taste of Adventurethon

Thank you for checking out Taste of Advenurethon Townsville event. We are very excited and know you are going to absolutely LOVE this new event. You can also keep updated via Facebook

Taste of Adventurethon Townsville 

Date: 15th July 2018        Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm        Location: Townsville, QLD

1 km Paddle, 10 km Mountain Bike  (less technical and less physical option than the larger events) & 4 km Trail Run

Taste junior adventurethon

Who would like the Taste of Adventurethon event? You probably haven’t done anything off road before or may have done a tiny bit, the paddle is short enough that you probably don’t need more than a 60 minute training session with a paddle instructor or a mate to get through it. Its the perfect testing of the sport for anyone never done a large race before.(if you can make it through  gym class or Bootcamp you will make it through the taste of Adventurethon)


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