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Kayak Hire – DOUBLE Spirit CTR


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Make the most of your kayaking adventure with a double spirit CTR kayak hire.

$80 hire fee includes 2 x paddles & 2 x PFD’s.

Share the fun

Stable and rudder controlled from the rear seat


If you plan to bring your own gear you can get a reduced price.

Please use the codes below to select exactly which gear arrangement you are after.

Please enter code: ‘nopaddles‘ if you DO NOT REQUIRE 2 x paddles (you are booking 1 x CTR & 2 x pfd’s)

Please enter code: ‘nopfds‘ if you DO NOT REQUIRE 2 x PFDs (you are booking 1 x CTR & 2 x paddles)

Please enter code: ‘nogearthanks‘ if you DO NOT REQUIRE PFD’s or paddles (kayak hire only)

If you have any other variation of what you need contact admin@adventurethon.com.au to get a unique code.


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