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Race Belt


Pin-free race number belt that can hold up to 6 gels

There’s no more need for pins and pin holes in your performance wear from race numbers with this pin-free, fully adjustable race number belt.

The lock laces which hold your number in place are NOT attached to the belt on this model.

This functional belt also has 6 loops to hold your energy gels while you’re racing or training.

One size fits most thanks to the adjustable strap.

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A race belt is the perfect accessory for the regular racer or someone who doesn’t want the fuss of pinning a race bib to multiple pieces of clothing over multi disciplined events.

Simply attach the toggles to the top corners of the race bib where the pins would go

When you are running it is great on the front , whenever you see a marshal or are in the finish line make sure it is at the front and visible.

When in a cycling event or triathlon it is often the case to have the bib rear facing.


Easily clip it on and off or over different garments with the stretchy elastic.

Nutrition gels can be stored on the belt if needed.




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