13th October 2018 Mackay – 3 events – 3 locations


1st December 2018 Demolish – Clarence Valley, NSW



What? When? How?

Don’t stress we have got your questions covered. 

What’s in it for me? 

Other than having fun, meeting new people and the satisfaction of helping out?

  •  One Free race entry up to the value of $100 (must volunteer for minimum of 6+ hours in total) to use at any of our events around the country.
    • For those with a little more time on their hands, we are happy to offer a greater discount for hours in return. Send us an email and we can work it out.
  • Volunteer shirt
  • Certificate of appreciation or written reference letter can be arranged on request
  • Thanks from the athletes and our team

Are there age restrictions? 

We take in all volunteers and encourage families to volunteer together. Although if under 14 you will have to be supervised by a parent and those under 18 will have to have a guardians permission.

What should I wear on the day?

Something comfortable, there is a chance you may get dirty, wet and sweaty. Don’t forget about sun safety and closed in shoes.

How long will my shift be?

We cater around the time you want to give. You inform us on the length you would like to volunteer – 1 hour up to the entire event weekend we are thankful.

Can I volunteer and race? 

Of Cause! We encourage you to get out there and race! Inform us on what you are a racing in and we will make sure that the volunteer roles won’t clash with your race prep.

When will the briefing be? 

You will be sent regular information updates from the time you register till the day of the event. However a briefing will be held the week of the event – typically a Tuesday or a Wednesday before event weekend. This is where you will be given information in detail.

What if I can’t make the briefing?

Can’t make the briefing, don’t stress. We will relay all the information to you through SMS, phone or email.

What type of roles are there? 

There are several types of volunteers we need before, during and after our events:

  • Anyone keen to help promote the race
  • RACE HQ Set up Team
  • Course Marking/Clearing team (before and after the event)
  • Safety Marshals
  • Registration assistance
  • Timing Helpers
  • Water point Marshals
  • General Helpers
  • Photographers
  • First Aid Officers
  • Data Entry & Assistance with Social Media Entry on Race day
  • Cheering and Encouragement

If there is a job that you think we would need and you’d be good at, let us know.


If you have any other questions email us at registrations@adventurethon.com.au