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Russia, Bulgaria and Romania???? Strength training for the Mtber and Adventurethoner

Russia, Bulgaria and Romania???? Strength training for the Mtber and Adventurethoner

Russia, Bulgaria and Romania????
Strength training for the Mtber and Adventurethoner
Thanks again to Daina Clark (Senior Podiatrist and Bootcamp Instructor) for the article. 
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen  strength training for the MTB a riding program would typically include seated hill efforts at a low cadence high force/torque to recruit  fast twitch muscle fibres and if we combine that we another high cadence session we can start to  see increase power given power = torque x cadence.
However a twice a week, off the bike, 21 minute functional strength training circuit can also reap awards with increase power production , reduce injury rate and improve balance and stability on the bike. Plus there is crossover with strength training benefits for the paddle and run segments of the Adventurethon; so really you have nothing to lose – apart from 21 minutes…..
Russian kettlebell swings, Bulgarian split squats, single leg Romanian deadlifts – sounds like we’ve entered into Eastern Bloc territory. But put these in a circuit with some horizontal push and pull exercises and you have a fantastic MTB specific resistance and strength workout.
kettle bellIf you want one exercise to give you most bang for your buck it is the Kettlebell swing. If you haven’t tried using a Kettlebell before it would be good to get some help from a PT or  Bootcamp Instructor to make sure you are doing them correctly.   But the Ketttlebell swing is a fantastic power producing exercise that works the glutes, hamstrings, core and shoulders and also improves grip strength. In time progressing to a single arm swing will increase demands on the core which will see added improvements for stability on the bike.
Bulgarian split squats target the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. The Romanian single leg deadlift again targets the posterior chain plus the core and upper and lower back. And because it is single leg it will have the added benefit of not only improving your pedaling but also your trail running stability.
Push ups and inverted rows are great core and upper body strength exercises. You can make them even more MTB functional by having your hands handlebar width apart to hone in on those stabilising muscles used during riding.
A MTB specific circuit could be one minute of each of the 5 exercises, with no rest in between exercises. Have a 2 minute rest before repeating the circuit another two times through.
Your muscles will be working hard and your heart rate will be elevated – just like it is on the bike and all completed within 21 minutes. Perfect!
Kettlebell Swings
Bulgarian Split squats (30 seconds each leg)
Romanian Single leg deadlifts (30 seconds each leg)
Elevated Push Ups with hands handlebar width apart
Inverted Rows with hands handlebar width apart
Specific, quick and awesome!
Train Smart. Ride Strong
Daina Clark

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