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Townsville, QLD


2nd & 3rd July, 2022

The Gauntlet Multisport

The Gauntlet Multisport(Burdekin River)

This event is not for the faint of heart or weak of constitution. You need to be sure of your ability to undertake a 150 km event in the allocated times or be prepared to be pulled from the event if you fail to make any time cut-off. Aggressive cut-off times are in place for safety reasons and will be strictly adhered to. 1 Day event has strict times whereas the 2 day event is much more forgiving.

Doubtful about your abilities? Fear not, there are both one day and two day options, or a team option, to choose from:

  • complete nutters will opt to challenge themselves across the entire course in one (1) day,
  • the slightly less insane will opt for the two (2) day option
  • the completely sane will form tag teams!

About the event:

If you have read this far then welcome to a brand spanking new multisport event, The GAUNTLET Multisport. The Gauntlet will take competitors on an epic journey through spectacular, possibly daunting, scenery to arrive at a very welcome finish line. Some sections of the course will traverse areas that are highly likely to experience major development in the near future so the 2022 event may be the one and only opportunity to see sections of this landscape in its relatively undisturbed beauty.

  • Run 1.6 km to your bikes
  • Road Cycle  85 km
  • Trail & River bed run approximately 18 – 20 km 
  • 45 km paddle

The distance is around 150 km in total and the course has been designed to really test your fitness and mental stamina.

Only Limited Entries will be Available to keep the logistics manageable

Course outline & highlights:

  • 1.6 km Run – A fast & furious starting run to split the field before the road bike. Don’t go easy here, you want to be in a good bike group (seeding yourself into a faster riding group) which will make a massive difference to the speed you can sustain in the following cycle leg.
  • Road bike 85 km – Early in the race get used to the road riding elements in a race setting after your run. Initially fast and undulating the ride begins to flatten out before some more gradual bends and undulations at the back end. Not overly tough, just enough to keep you honest and take a little punch out of your legs ahead of the next run.
  • Trail run 18 – 20 km – Final distance is dependent on access permissions. This run will pump up your heart rate and test your running skills over varied terrain. Minimal elevation over the course but that doesn’t mean you will cruise through. This run could be a real tester after your ride. The finish of this run marks the end of day one for those doing the two day version of the event. One day maniacs will continue directly into the paddle leg provided they commence their paddle ahead of the time cut off.
  • Paddle 45km – The paddle down the Burdekin River will introduce you to many natural formations at BIG ROCKS, challenging flat pool sections, braided river channels & simple rapids (river level dependent of course). This section of river is under development threat (up to 5 weirs are planned along this paddle course) so 2022 may be the last opportunity to see sections of this natural landscape in its relatively undisturbed beauty

We have a terrific location alongside the Burdekin River so plenty of opportunity to swim and cool down after the event. This is also a great camping place so why not join the Saturday crew and practice ahead of the race, or just chill if that is your best preparation technique. Camping overnight also provides a great opportunity to catch up with others around a campfire and plan your strategies for the morning; or just have a quiet drink in the peaceful surroundings.

Logistics Guide is being finalised… for now just get training! (or motivate a team mate)

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