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Virtual Challenges – Ride

Events will start and finish each month and results will be published for each months events. You can register for a challenge and complete it within any month. Your data must be submitted for the month that you completed the challenge in, you have 24hrs after the challenge finishes to have your data submitted.

Your ride must have at least 60% of the distance on off-road trails (this may include fire and forestry roads). Walking/cycle tracks with hard surfaces (concrete, bitumen) do not qualify as off-road for this event. Your choice of route should focus on dirt/ track where possible.

A minimum elevation requirement prevents people simply opting to run flat courses to minimize their ride time but you have no upper limit if you wish to include more elevation.


You will need to show proof of your efforts by submitting images of your ride result. The image/s must show time/date of ride, total ride time, total elevation of ride. Alternatively you can provide a GPS file of your ride.

Your ride must be completed within the nominated start & finish dates.

Good luck and happy riding

10km Ride

This is a great challenge from two perspectives. First, it is a sensible and achievable distance for an inexperienced rider to test themselves on, and secondly it provides a great sprint distance for an experienced rider. Anyone can achieve this distance so why not drag the whole family out for some fresh air and exercise a couple of times a week, submit the data and see how much you improve.

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25km Ride

This is a distance that is both achievable and challenging at the same time and is the perfect challenge to try and aim for a goal time if repeating the same track a few times. This distance can be done a couple of times a week at different effort levels or attacked once with maximum ferocity.

If you have been riding longer slower rides for a while, this challenge will help you boost some speed and power back into your riding and don’t forget this is about the type of terrain you are riding in. Try to find something a little more difficult than your own normal standard as a personal challenge or aim to get faster on the same course over time.

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50km Ride - Explore the trails

Here is a distance that is both achievable and challenging at the same time and is the perfect challenge to try as a stretch from your normal week to week training.

50 km can be done a couple of times a month at different effort levels for experienced users or attacked once a month with maximum effort. As an added motivator, aim to ride the same course twice and improve on your first performance after analysis and a good rest at least a few days and ideally a week or more. Riding part of the 50 km course will allow you to get a feel for the trail and know when to rest as well as when to put the gas on for an ideal performance.

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100km Ride - Push the Boundaries

This is a tough distance and is generally about the time a road cyclist starts to fall apart. Add in the Elevation and terrain of this MTB ride and you could argue this is a beast in its own right!

A couple of times a month at different effort levels is all most experienced riders might tackle a beast like this or once a month with maximum effort as a key distance goal. As an added motivator leading into or after, aim to ride segments of the same course in small chunks (25km or 50km at a time) to familiarize yourself with the track and learn how your body responds to the hills and know when to save energy and when to hit the gas!

When riding for 100km it’s worth building up ride time in training to allow time in the saddle and avoid a sore bum. Also some tips from cyclists wear proper cycling or triathlon pants and don’t wear underwear under them (avoids chaffing) also make sure you look at places that rub and potentially cover them with a Chammois crème to avoid friction burn etc

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