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How Running Affects the Heart

How Running Affects the Heart

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In general, we all know that exercise is supposed to be good for us however few of us really understand the reasons behind that premise. The following article authored by Tracy Beth Høeg  MD, PhD, a sports medicine fellow from Napa, California, appeared recently on the iRunFar web site and relates how running benefits your heart health. Although the article was inspired by a specific running incident the principles discussed within are highly relevant to all endurance athletes.
But I’m not an endurance athlete! Are you stepping outside your COMFORT ZONE? If so then you should think of yourself as an endurance athlete and treat your body accordingly. Endurance is a relative term so any increase in distance or time across any sport requires improved endurance to succeed, hence stepping beyond comfort zones classifies you an endurance athlete.
Some may find this article a little heavy going but it well worth it for the knowledge you’ll gain and the positive news it delivers. Please read on: How Running Affects the Heart

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