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How to ride Down Stairs

How to ride Down Stairs

How to ride down stairs- Perfect prep for ALBANY ADVENTURETHON

  1. lead with eyes
  2. set speed
  3. attack position/ weight through pedals
  4. relax and float your head

How to ride DOWN Stairs on a Mountain Bike – the 4 Key Steps (FROM MTBTIPS.COM)

Learn how to ride down stairs on a mountain bike in minutes using these Top 4 Tips. Not only will you have more fun on man-made stairs, but you’ll learn the skills needed for Mother Nature’s stairs on the trails, too.
Included below are the Bonus Tips not found in the video. Click HERE to skip down to the How to ride Down Stairs on a Mountain Bike 2 minute video to see the steps in action.
Start on just a few steps, advancing to longer flights as your skills and confidence improve.  Use flat pedals if you’re unsure about clip-ins.  THESE are the clip-in pedals I use.

How to ride Down Stairs on a Mountain Bike: 4 Key Steps

1. Lead your bike with your eyes

  • Look ahead to the stairs on approach, then lead your bike down with your eyes.
  • On short flights look ahead to the start, at the start quickly spot the bottom, then
  • boost your eyes ahead along the trail or path to whatever’s coming next.
  • Bonus Tips:
    • Think of the stairs as just a bumpy downhill trail, or bump ramp.

2. Set your speed and gear

  • On approach, adjust to the speed you want to ride down, so that you start the stairs in total control.
  • Beginners: approach at about walking pace.
  • If you approach to slow you’ll bounce about, and balance will become more difficult.
  • Approach too fast, and you’ll lose control.
  • Bonus Tips:
    • On Approach, select the gear you’ll need at the bottom of the stairs.
    • Remember! It’s always safer to enter the stairs slightly slower, then use less brake to speed up.  Rather than entering the stairs too fast and trying to slow down and get control when grip is limited!

Braking technique: On shorter stairs, aim to descend with just a little rear brake, or none at all. Feather both brakes on longer flights, or flights with turns or landings, to control your momentum and traction.
3. Attack position, weight through the pedals

  • Approach the stairs in the attack position, bent arms and legs, cranks horizontal, with your weight through the pedals. Watch the video for a good example.
  • At the stairs ease the bar forwards and shift your attack position rearwards to Keep your weight through the pedals.
  • Weighting your pedals helps you descend in control, with relaxed, light hands, instead of leaning heavy on the bar.
  • Got a dropper post? Use it!  Watch How to use a Dropper for MORE than Just Downhill to use your dropper better.
  • Bonus Tips:
    • Avoid skidding the rear tire over the stair edges, as it chews the tread on your tire big time!
    • The tread blocks on chunky tires can provide considerably more braking traction over the stair edges.
    • Longer travel bikes can make it easier because they soak up so much more of the rough stuff.
    • Perceiving the stairs as a flat ramp may help you control your fears and focus better.

4. Relax and Head Float

  • Maximize control by relaxing your limbs even more. Instead of resisting the shock with stiff limbs, let them go a bit loose.
  • Let your body suspension absorb the shock so you can float your head smoothly and keep clear focus on your line.
  • Bonus Tips:
    • Expect the stairs will be rough!  Be ready to absorb the impacts instead of tensing up.
    • Lower tire pressures provide better traction.  Just don’t go so low that you risk punctures or wheel damage
    • The larger rolling diameter of 29er wheels can make the stairs feel smoother, boosting your control.
    • Feather the front brake with finesse to avoid dangerous fork dive or an over the bars moment!
    • Fast rebound settings can often bounce you about.  A few clicks slower might be just what you need

– See more at: http://www.mtbtips.com/how-to-ride-down-stairs-on-a-mountain-bike/#sthash.qUriwPzI.dpuf

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