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Stability issues resolved for paddlers

Stability issues resolved for paddlers

Stability issues resolved for paddlers

 or please help me stay on top of my ski!

Previously we posted some valuable paddling tips from four time world surfski champion Dawid Mocke (https://adventurethon.com.au/paddling-tips-from-a-surfski-guru/) and here we follow those with his SINGLE MOST USEFUL SKI PADDLING TIP. If you want a constructive, practical and beneficial paddling tip then this is relevant to you; yes, on flat or bumpy water, any time, anywhere, any experience level this tip is gold.
Coined by Hank Macgregor, another world champion paddler, the golden mantra is this:

“When in doubt – Legs out”

Done correctly this tip will keep you in the boat in most situations, therefore avoiding the effort of having to remount, according to Dawid. This technique is applicable in any situation where you need stability whether a beginner or champion paddler, yes champions have stability issues too. So how do you do it correctly? Easy, simply throw both legs over the side and squeeze your boat and use your paddle to brace. Not sure how stable this will make you? Well Dawid says done correctly it is 100% stable. Yes he is a great paddler so we might not be as sure as Dawid but you won’t know if you don’t try it out. Want further convincing, then watch Dawid in the video below. He is the 2nd paddler to head to the beach and was caught broadside in a wave and remained upright to the beach simply by applying the “legs out” technique.
We thank Dawid and his Mocke Paddling School for this awesome advice and video.


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