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Townsville, QLD


5th and 6th March 2022

Townsville – Ross Dam Night Run


It will be dark so get those head torches fired up and batteries charged! We have put together a fantastic set of courses with a great mixture of single track and access roads to test your night running skills when the dark envelops you. Are there zombies out there? Who knows, no-one goes out there at night!

There will be no moon so if we have a clear sky it will be a spectacular star show, but don’t let that distract you from the mission at hand. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of night running this is a great place to start. Our courses start with a short loop on the dam wall to ‘ease’ you into the dark where your head lamp provides the only light source. Become cocooned in your own pool of light as you follow the markers around the course.


Start and finish points for the runs will be the Ross Park, on the dam access road off Riverway Drive, Kelso.



Provided track is on schedule you will have a choice of three distances, 20km, 10km or 5km. All distances have a mix of single tracks and access roads but the proportion of single track increases substantially as your chosen distance increases.


    • 6pm – 6:50pm – Bib Pick up
    • 6:50pm – Briefing Long (20km)
    • 7:15pm – Start Time Long (20km)
    • 7:15pm – Briefing Intermediate (10km)
    • 7:30pm – Start Time Intermediate (10km)
    • 7:30pm – Briefing Short (5km)
    • 7:45pm – Start Time Short (5km)

Short Course – 5km

At 5km this course in within reach for most people and provides a gentle introduction into running/walking at night. A sweet mixture of easy access roads and some winding single track to negotiate. Who knows what exciting and interesting things you may see in the light from your head lamp.

5km Run *Course including distances are a guide only and subject to change

Intermediate Course – 10km

At around 10 km this mini adventure will provide you with some real thrills as you twist and turn, climb and drop, through varied terrain. Some real fun single tracks intermingled with some not too difficult climbs. If you are not the quickest runner perhaps you should carry spare batteries on this one to keep your head lamp at its best just so you don’t miss anything interesting out there.

10km Run *Course including distances are a guide only and subject to change

Long course – 20km

At around 20km this course will have the most single track fun and take you further into the wilderness. Get right away from it all on this beauty and be ready to spot plenty of wildlife along the way. Navigation should be fairly straight forward but you will be quite isolated should you fail to follow the course markers religiously. Make sure you have adequate lighting for the duration, it will be a long night if you have to wait until dawn arrives (no she is not one of our marshals!) to see where you are going.

20km Run *Course including distances are a guide only and subject to change

On-course tips:

  • Always progress towards the closest course marker along the obvious track under your feet. Some of these courses twist and wind back on themselves so there will be places where you may see markers, or head torches of other runners, that are not related to the part of the track you are on. Going ‘off’ track to reach those points may mean you end up on a longer course than you intended, may take you back to a part of the course you have already covered and end up returning you to where you left the track, or worse, may put you in danger by crossing un-cleared country which may have hidden pitfalls under the grass.
  • Remember, for most people the pace you set on the road will be up to 30% faster than your pace on narrow trails, and that pace will be further reduced when running at night by head torch so don’t forget those spare batteries or better still, a spare torch. There is nothing more difficult than trying to fit new batteries into your torch in the pitch black night!
  • Be observant on course. Courses are well marked so please make sure you are always looking for the next marker as you circulate around the course. If you find yourself on an un-cleared section of track, or fail to see a marker for a while, the best approach is to backtrack to the last marker you saw and hunt down the next marker which should not be more than 20 m from there.
  • Enjoy where you are. You will be in a part of the region that is normally closed to the public and is well away from city lights. Take the time to relax and soak up the environment you are in. Listen for, and enjoy the night time sounds of nature.
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