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Townsville, QLD



Trail Running & Adventure Running with Adventurethon

There are many people who just love to Run. Most people start on the road or pavement and then discover the fun of OFF ROAD running and become hooked.

Trail Running is going through a real boom phase in Australia but also worldwide as people are enjoying the benefits of nature, escaping the city/concrete society and freeing their mind one step at a time. There are various styles of trail you can encounter based on the natural lay of the land and region it is set in and topography available. Trail running is mostly on formed trails managed by land management groups or Trail advocates.

Adventure Running Is generally all of the above but the terrain can be off a formed trail, for instance following a marked riverbed, rock hopping around a headland or over a mountain, coastal cliff and sometimes abseiling, high ropes, snorkel challenge, swim or other mystery challenge thrown in.(not to be confused with adventure racing which is more about navigating to a set checkpoint.)

Adventurethon (hey that’s us) puts on a combination of Trail Runs and Adventure Runs as part of our Multisport Stage races. Our Stage races allow participants to engage in just one stage, i.e. you can participate in the run stage, without needing to participate in any other stages of the event.

We have distances and courses to suit all fitness and experience levels. Each of the events listed below has a Long (Ultra) course, Medium (Enduro) and Short (Taste/Junior) run course. Long courses vary between 14-20 km depending on terrain, medium 8-12 km, and Short 4-6 km.

Find out more about the terrain and locations of our runs in 2020. We probably have a run near you, or you could plan a trip to include a run in one of the spectacular locations we visit:

East Gippsland, VIC

Adventure run & Trail run – Mix of on trail and rocks, with breathtaking views of the Mitchell River. Abseil as adventure challenge in long course.

Find out more about the East Gippsland courses here.

Murray Bridge, SA

Elements of rocky terrain with minor undulating elevation only. Point to point run for medium and Long courses with a circuit for short course. No wet feet on this run.

Find out more about the Murray Bridge courses here

Dwellingup WA

Located just one hour from Perth in the Peel Region of WA, Dwellingup is a popular training and racing spot. Courses are mostly around a hill with tall trees and a mix of gravel underfoot. Off track there are small sections of rock hop and Potentially river crossings for the long course depending on weather conditions.

Adventure activity is Trees Adventure High ropes element at end of the run- Limited spaces available

Find out more about the Dwellingup courses here

Kalbarri, WA

Awesome Kalbarri tracks are a mix of sandy surfaces, gravel and rock. Courses are shorter than most other events but you get two runs over the weekend, one into a spectacular Gorge and the other along seaside cliffs.

Abseil the gorge as part of your Kalbarri adventure run.

Find out more about the Kalbarri courses here

Townsville, QLD

Townsville courses cover a large variety of terrain as it winds through the area around the Ross Dam. This area has restricted access to events only so this is the perfect time to explore this stunning area.

The long distance course includes a rope feature (abseil or zipline)

Find out more about the Townsville courses here

Charters Towers, QLD

An outback Adventure run that covers sandy four wheel drive tracks and riverbank sand and cobble with a little rock hopping. Beside the mighty Burdekin River this run is part of a sprint event so involves paddling in the river and mountain biking around four wheel drive tracks. The short course here is a perfect one for any runner wanting to have a go at a real adventure. Paddle is short and easy (no waves or white water) and the mountain bike course is flat with no real technical challenges.

Find out more about the Charters Towers courses here

Clarence Valley NSW

A spectacular run course for 2020 with some getting wet, some rock hopping and some open terrain.

Pick shoes that can handle running on wet rocks for this one. A truly spectacular way to see the Clarence River Gorge.

Find out more about the Clarence Valley courses here