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60 seconds with Brendan O'Brien

60 seconds with Brendan O'Brien

low resGetting your joggers on and getting out the door for a run is a very enjoyable past time for so many people. When you are out on the trails you don’t necessarily know why the people you run by are running, but as you share an understanding nod, and continue running, you know that is exactly where you are meant to be.
The Great Ocean Trail Run is sure to thrill every runner out on the course. This fast, flowy course  takes you along Angleseas’ Mountain bike tracks – specifically made to flow with the landscape, snaking their way along contours of the landscapes to take you on a journey not just from A to B but over, through and around features that really make the journey super fun!
low res 2Brendan O’Brien is always looking for something challenging, but achievable, so is looking forward to joining us for the 18km distance in the Great Ocean Trail Run. We wanted to know a bit more about his running journey. At 49 years of age, Brendan usually runs about 6 times a week for a about an hour (10km)each time. Running is no stranger to Brendan’s routine, who has done the 100km Surf coast century twice and done 13 marathons. He adds, “that’s with a pb of 2.54 that they cant take off me. I am a lot slower nowadays but still love running.”
Brendan hadn’t done a trail run in a while, but recently out on a training run and was reminded about how much he loved it, and how much he missed it. So when the opportunity came up to do the Great Ocean Trail Run he couldn’t wait to get involved. He is most looking forward to the single loop bmx type tracks in the area and how peaceful it is running there.
Brendan’s advice to people getting into running is to stop measuring your runs, just get out there and run – and always remember to bring your cap – to keep out the sun and rain. Prioritize your runs, and don’t let weather or time of day spoil your plans, or worry you.
We look forward to seeing how you enjoy your run Brendan! See you at the start line.
If you would like to join us for the Great Ocean Trail Run April 14, there is still a small amount of time for you to get a rego in. Check out more info at https://adventurethon.com.au/events/anglesea/great-ocean-trail-run-stage-3/

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