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"8 Minutes of Great" – with Steve and Leila Muir

"8 Minutes of Great" – with Steve and Leila Muir

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Steve & Leila Muir – Grafton Paddlesports

You just never know about the awesome stories that follow people until you spend a bit of time getting to know them. Today’s “8 Minutes of Great” brings to you Steve and Leila Muir. A very awesome couple with so much knowledge and experience that we found it hard to limit the interview.
Grafton Paddlesports is run by Steve and Leila Muir. Both have been involved in kayaking for many years. Steve says, “we are paddlers making kayaks so that we have time to go paddling when the rivers are running. We try to make the best value kayaks we can and provide you with the kayak that will be best suited for your needs.”
Steve has a quiet stubborn nature that has enabled his determination to discover and tackle any challenge going. Telling him he can’t do something will just about ensure he not only does it but smashes it. Steve specialized in whitewater racing and after having been told he’d never amount to anything in downriver paddling he went on to win the Australian champion 4 times in the Open division, and in the Open Teams event 10 times. His secret is in being “not usually the fastest team, but having the best team work”.
Leila winning the International race in New Zealand during the 1999 world cup

Leila winning the International race in New Zealand during the 1999 world cup

Steve’s love of kayaking started when he was a young fella, whilst struggling with asthma. His dad made him his own wooden kayak with canvas stretched over the frame of it. Family outings with sister, parents and the dog in the canoes motivated Steve to make his own.
In 1976 Steve watched the Whitewater championships at Nymboida in 1976 and was wowed. Afterwards he jumped in his kayak and promptly fell in – but this started his journey forward.
He has progressed to designing and making his own boats, and with the knowledge and experience he has, from both inside and outside the paddle it is no surprise his boats are usually ranking very high in the placings at events.
Leila started paddling after she met Steve and got sick of waiting in the car at the take out while the boys had all the fun. She went on to represent Australia in Wild water racing in 1990 and 1999. She has won the Australian Open Woman’s individual wild water title 4 times (3 X classic and 1 WW sprint title)
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