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Adventurethon App launch set to change the endurance experience forever

Adventurethon App launch set to change the endurance experience forever

cloud 3 adventurethon App screenshot
Participants at the Magnetic Island Adventurethon will be part of a new revolution in Endurance Sports.
Joel Savage, Adventurethon Event Director, is very excited about the upcoming launch of the app says, “Typically for an Endurance event the participant will spend the day out alone on course through some rough terrain, obviously kilometres away from their supporters, and at times from course marshals. For spectators, Endurance events have been hard to spectate, with supporters normally having to go between the known points of the course. Loved ones waiting for their athletes sometimes wouldn’t have a clue if they were coming first or last or whereabouts they might be.
The new Adventurethon App made by Cloud Three solves these problems and it is expected that many other events around Australia will follow suit very soon.”
The team at Cloud Three participated as a team in the 2014 Adventurethon events and straight after the Townsville event in June they went straight to the drawing board to work out how they could create an App to stay in touch with each other over the course. A few chats with the Event Director for ideas, plus countless hours of coding, building, and testing by Cloud Three and the first release of the Adventurethon App was born.
One of the best features of the app is that it turns a standard Apple or android smartphone into GPS tracking beacon with an inbuilt emergency button so if anyone is in trouble on course the event Coordinators can be notified easily.
In the Adventurethon App’s first release the key features that have been incorporated are:

  • The ability for Users to be tracked on the event day by friends and families, both at the event and online.
  • Easy access to a distress beacon for Event Participants
  • Allows Event Marshalls to easily locate Event Participants in distress
  • Allows Users to track and train on the courses easily ahead of time
  • Allows users to Log and save Tracks for training and improvement
  • Allows Users to see local Bike and Running Tracks that they might be interested in.

Future releases of the App (Cloud Three team have already begun work on) will include a news feed to keep competitors and spectators up to date (and will integrate with the Adventurethon Social Media Feed).
With so many possibilities for the app the development team are bustling with ideas such as:

  • Supporters only functions including a camera feed (linking directly into the social media feed).
  • Event details and logistics tabs and sponsor functions

“Since the Adventurethon App went into the Google Play store, we have already been getting enquiries from other events throughout the country who want to have a similar app customised to suit their event and incorporate some of their ideas” Says Cloud Three App Designer James.
The Adventurethon App is the first phase of a technological breakthrough for the Endurance market and will serve as the basis for other events to customise their event experience for participants. The Adventurethon App is free to download from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store now.
applestore   googleplay
There will be a Soft Launch of the App at battle the Barge 14th March in Townsville and full tracking of the athletes with the installed app on Magnetic Island March 28th.
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