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Adventurethon Coffs Harbour Race Report & Results

Adventurethon Coffs Harbour Race Report & Results

What a great weekend we had at Adventurethon Coffs harbour
Race Report
OCOTOBER 10 & 11 marked the date for Coffs Harbour. The blustery and drizzly conditions experienced earlier in the week dissipated just in time for the weekend providing magical weather conditions for the competitors in the Raidlight Ultra Adventurethon, the Stellar kayaks Enduro and AON Dirty Duathlon on Saturday, and Prime 7 Taste of Adventurethon and Coffs Coast Junior Adventurethon on Sunday.
It was yet again another tough challenge for our Ultra’s, Enduro’s and Duathlons. Competitors began turning up bright and early, making last minute preparations and getting ready. What would the day hold for each competitor and how would they be feeling in just a few hours? Who would shine and what would the end results look like?
raidlight ultra
Elite Ultra
Guy Andrews, who tells us he is in the best form he’s been in over the last 15 years was the first to cross in the Ultra Elite Championship on Saturday. Guy tackled the 16km Paddle, 11km Point to Point trail run, 35km Mountain Bike & 6km Trail & beach run in only (4:04:16). Guy Andrews came in first off the paddle and hit the trails running. James Pretto made up most of the 4 minutes lead Guy had after the paddle, entering transition only moments after Guy left. James, who travelled up from Melbourne finished 2nd in (4:17:20) and Dave Whitney stepped up from the Enduro to finish not far behind in 3rd place (4:17:56).

 (LtoR) James Pretto, Guy Andrews, Dave Whitney


Craig Flockhart Photo credit NSW Forestry

Male Masters 40+
Craig Flockhart travelled up from Melbourne and had a great day out and finished in 1st place in his age category, finishing in (4:56:36). Troy Ogilvie travelled down from Moranbah (in Queensland) to join in and finished in a time of (05:59:02).
Thanks to NSW Forestry for this awesome photo of Craig on the mountain bike course.
Female Opens

Andrea Peebles crosses the line first in the Women’s Open Ultra

The women’s field in the Raidlight Ultra – Female Open category were just as thrilling as we had predicted. First we were met with a shock exit of local favourite Karron Masson, suffering broken ribs from an injury earlier in the week. Karen was gutted, as she had been training hard towards the event, and with local knowledge of the trails, Karen was pipped as the favourite to win the Women’s field. Being a good sport though, she still got out on the trails to cheer on the other competitors and will be back again before she knows it.
The top 4 women didn’t waste time either, finishing in some very respectable times. This has to have been one of the most exciting women’s field we have seen, and we hope the start of many more, as women realise they have just as much to offer the sport as men. Bren Turner was first woman in off the paddle, followed not long after by Andrea Peebles, Christie Sim and Darlene Cheney. After the first run Andrea had made up some time on Bren, and now had a mission, to see what she could do. Andrea was able to claw back time from Bren in the ride leg, and both women came into transition at the same time. When Bren headed out of transition very quickly, Andrea raced out after her, and the last 6km run home became very exciting.
Andrea Peebles finished in 1st place for the Female Open category in (5:17:19). Bren Turner finished in second place. (5:20:00). And Darlene Cheney finished in (5:33:18).
The Raidlight Ultra teams showed us how encouragement and team support can get your that extra mile with Cape Osprey Crew coming through on top in the Teams Category finishing 1st place (4:13:52). Team Captain Brodoson took 2nd place (4:29:43) and Mature Gentlemen in 3rd place (4:43:19).
stellar enduro
We had a great turn out for the Stellar Kayaks Enduro this year making it a tough competition for the top 3 titles of each category.
Male Opens
Warren Keegan was the first individual to cross the line, taking 1st place for the Open Male category (3:08:30). Austin Northey finished second (as he did in 2014) (03:14:41) with Josh Smyth not far behind on (03:29:12).
Stellar Kayaks Enduro, David Witney 1st Place Open Male
(Photography – GeoSnapShot)
Male Masters
Glen George crossed the line in 1st place for the Male Masters category (3:03:34). Jukka Ylinen was not far behind finishing 2nd in (3:26:53) and Geoff Cougle taking 3rd place (3:31:37).
Female Masters
Su Pretto travelled up from Melbourne and blitzed the field in the Female Masters category putting her in 1st place (03:32:16) only 30 mins behind the men and Kyle Marie crossed in 2nd (05:04:43) with Fiona Bryant-Smith only 7 seconds behind in 3rd place in (5:04:50).
Stellar Kayaks Enduro Adventurethon, Team Bec & Ky
Male Grand Masters
Our Grand Masters certainly showed that age doesn’t make a difference with Les Heap zooming in at (3:10:40), Tim Jacobs not far behind at (3:20:42) and Graham Symons over the line in (4:02:27).
Dragon Jelly were the first over the line in the Enduro race finishing in (3:07:18). Team Aussie Shielas and Team Wild Things took joint 2nd place crossing the line together in (3:40:35). Team Are We There Yet were in not long after in (3:40:53).
aon duo
Male Opens
The first AON Dirty Duathlon across the line was Martin Henry (3:29:29) with Tom O’Connell finishing 2nd (4:48:22).
Male Masters & Teams
Murray Watkins took 1st place for the Male Masters Category (4:44:04). Team Wetfitness enjoyed a great day out on the course finishing 1st in (04:36:19).
prime 7 taste
We love seeing our Taster’s having a great time out on course!
First over the line for the Individual males in the Prime 7 Taste of Adventurethon was Peter Verrydt in a time of (01:01:16). Mick Booth crossed second in (01:08:27) followed by Chris Hodge in (01:11:53).
First female over the line was Brianna Rooney with a time of (01:06:29). Brianna was also second adult over the line! Second female was Maria Rosewood with a time of (01:14:20) and third was Darleen Cheney, who backed up after the Saturday event with a time of (01:16:29).
Team Uniique were the first team to cross the finish line with a time of (01:07:41) followed by Team Heap with a time of (01:07:47) and Woopi Witches finishing at (01:31:53).
coffs coast junior
Our Juniors always inspire and thrill us, pushing themselves to do things many adults wont do.
Male 8-12yrs
In the Coffs Coast Juniors first male over the line in the (8-12) age group was Tom Ylien (01:02:28), followed by Nick Bulloch in (01:08:17) and third place was Kayden Anderson (01:15:38)
Female 8-12yrs
In the girls aged 8 – 12 first was Alyssa Golding with a time of (01:13:55) followed by Hannah Joseph who finished in (01:19:20) and then Carissa Anderson (01:19:42)
Team 8-12yrs
Teams aged 8 – 12 – First over the line was Minnie but mighty with a time of (01:00:27) The Fantastic Three with a time of (01:02:57) then The Pink Potatoes with (01:09:42).
Male 13-17yrs
First Junior over the line in the Male 13-17yrs was Angus Roberts in a time of (01:13:08) followed by Jake Golding (01:14:03) and then Jyii Mann (01:14:05).
Female 13-17yrs
For the girls, first junior in the 13-17 age group was Tara Everson (01:06:12), second was Tiana Anderson (01:13:13). And third was Maddison (01:31:32).
Teams in the 13 – 17 age group are Jetty Hire who finished in (00:57:27)
VIEW RESULTS https://adventurethon.com.au/events/coffs-harbour/results/

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