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How to use your Adventurethon App

The Adventurethon App allows friends and family to track you as you compete in Adventurethon. This is a quick guide on HOW TO use the App.
google app storeThe Adventurethon App is free to download from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store now.
save aslog in
Once you have downloaded the App, open it up and login.
You have the option to change passwords, edit your profile, look around the maps and more.
Once you have your Enrolment code (collect from Race HQ o sent out via text) you can enter it into your App.
Remember to press START on your app just before you start racing, for it to actually start tracking you.
If you are not showing up on the map or you have stopped then there is a communication problem between your phone and the server. You can attempt to restart your phone and the app.
Do NOT give your code to another person to follow you. Once they use YOUR code the system will register that THEY are YOU.
For someone to follow you while you are racing, get them to head to the Adventurethon Website where you will be able to find the live tracker.
Also there will be a screen set up at Race HQ with the tracker running.

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