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Athlete Profile – Darren Thomas

Athlete Profile – Darren Thomas

Today’s Athlete Profile is on Darren Thomas. After competing in several  Ultra Adventurethon events in Townsville, Queensland, Darren has registered to take on the Ultra Adventurethon at Anglesea. With a smile for everyone and some stubborn determination, we know he will have a blast in Anglesea!

darrenHave you competed in Adventurethon before – which one?
I have completed in many events over the years, but this is my first outside of Townsville
Have you always been active?
Yes, but not to this level.
Why Adventurethon?
It’s like an awesome version of Triathlon just dirtier.
Tell us about why do you do off road events
Hard to say, but maybe the unpredictability of cross country.
Where do you feel your strengths lie?
On the bike.
soldier on darrenWho inspires you to push yourself?
Me, because it’s nearly the only thing you have on the course.
Describe the atmosphere at Adventurethon?
So much fun, with your lungs hanging out.
Where do you live and play?
Townsville until 2013, when we moved to Melbourne.
How important is your support crew to achieving your goals?
They are everything, because when I am in the hurt locker they get me out and push down the track.
What does your race day breakfast look like?
What’s the one piece of equipment that goes with you to every race and why?
GPS, because it’s hard for people to believe that we have paddled, ridden and run that far. 🙂
adv picWhat piece of advice would you give someone attempting their first Adventurethon?
Enjoy it, and encourage all other Adventurethonians because they are all winners for getting out and having a go. First or last, the effort is the same.

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