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Athlete Profile – Jess Simson

Athlete Profile – Jess Simson

Athlete profile: Jess Simson. Keep an eye out – more athlete stories to follow.

Jess Simson - Photo credit Paul's Camera Shop

Jess Simson – Photo credit Paul’s Camera Shop

Another of New Zealand’s best to head to Australia is Jess Simson. Jess is the Female Champion of the Speight’s coast to coast  event (for the last 2 years), and  we look forward to seeing what she brings to Adventurethon Magnetic Island.
Have you always been active?
Yes but nothing structured until a few years ago.
Why Adventurethon?
New experience.
Tell us about why do you do off road events
Because it allows you to explore landscapes that you otherwise would have not.  It also allows you to test your outdoor skills and fitness.
Do you think you could take home a win?
I think anything is possible.
Where do you feel your strengths lie?
I may not be the best at each discipline, but my strength is that I am consistently strong & confident at executing them all.
Who inspires you to push yourself?
Photo credit: Marathon-Photos.com

Photo credit: Marathon-Photos.com

My team mates (Team NZ Adventure), my husband, my cousin & pretty much all my supporters.
Where do you live and play?
Wanaka, NZ
How important is your support crew to achieving your goals? 
Very although none will be joining me at Magnetic island.
What does your race day breakfast look like?
Porridge, fruit, yoghurt.
What’s the one piece of equipment that goes with you to every race and why?
Jess Simson - Photo credit  Paul's Camera Shop

Jess Simson – Photo credit Paul’s Camera Shop

My 1791 Diamond earrings – who wouldn’t want to take fire & brilliance along with them for the ride?
What piece of advice would you give someone attempting their first Adventurethon?
Go with the flow.  Remember you are there to have fun so take the time to soak up the atmosphere & scenery, & ensure to celebrate your little successes.

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