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Athlete Profile – Troy Ogilvie

Athlete Profile – Troy Ogilvie

Today’s Athlete Profile is on Troy Ogilvie. Troy has done both Magnetic Island and Townsville (National Challenge) Adventurethons before and is heading back to Townsville to participate in July 4th’s Adventurethon National Challenge. A very active guy, it was most impressive realising that he drives 2 & 1/2 hours to get his paddle training sessions in.
Have you competed in Adventurethon before – which one?
I have competed in the 2014 Townsville Adventurethon and 2015 Maggie island, both times completing the ultra.
Have you always been active?
My background in sport has mainly been in the boxing ring. As a boxer i fought for Queensland and Australian titles as a middle weight, and as a means of keeping fit for the ring i would compete in mainly sprint distance triathlon.After completing my studies as a personal trainer and spending a couple of years training others in a gym i felt the need to get outdoors and this was when I discovered adventure racing and Adventurethon.
Why Adventurethon?
I love doing the Adventurethon event because the courses are always challenging but so much fun and the event is so well organized with friendly officials always keeping you on track.
Tell us about why do you do off road events
The reason I enjoy off road events is not only does it keep you in great shape but I’m continuously improving my paddle, mountain bike and trail running skills.
20140621_132327_resizedWhere do you feel your strengths lie?
I feel my strength lies in my never say die attitude and ability to keep pushing to the end.
Who inspires you to push yourself? 
The ones who inspire me most are definitely my family my two little boys (aged 5&6) wait around all day just to be able to run down the beach to greet me and run across the finish line side by side. My goal is to be a great role model to my children and educate them on the importance of health and fitness and hope to one day be racing adventurethon with them maybe as a team.
Describe the atmosphere at Adventurethon during race weekend?
The atmosphere at Adventurethon race weekend is awesome everyone is so friendly but at the same time so determined to achieve their goals
Where do you live and play?
I live in a mining town called Moranbah, 200km west of Mackay so this means I have to drive 2.5hrs to the coast for paddle training at a place called Seaforth. Seaforth is a little north of Mackay and a great place to train for adventurethon with beautiful coast line and some great hilly running tracks.
What obstacles do you face in Adventurethon training?
Juggling family and training times along with working long shifts in the mines would be my biggest obstacle in training for Adventurethon events. (Funnily enough Troy did not mention the 2.5hour drive to do paddle training as an obstacle. How many people find it too hard to organise a 20 min drive to paddle? This is determination that impresses us 😉 )
IMG_4635How important is your support crew to achieving your goals? 
My support crew includes three people my wife  and my two boys and without their support it would make racing so much harder as my wife is always at my transition with all my nutritional needs, As well as preparing pre and post race meals.
What does your race day breakfast look like?
A typical breakfast for me on race morning would be weet-bix and or porridge followed by banana on toast with heaps of honey then i continue to snack on carbs right up till race time.
What’s the one piece of equipment that goes with you to every race and why?
The one piece of equipment i would always have is my camel back as hydration is vitally important.
What piece of advice would you give someone attempting their first Adventurethon?
The best advice i could give to someone doing there first Adventurethon is to replicate the race towards the end of your training period and try and complete at least two thirds of your race distance.
What is the difference between Maggie Island Adventurethon and (Pallarenda) National Challenge?
The main difference between Townsville and maggie is the heat. Maggie island is hot, humid and draining.

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