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Bike & Kayak Hire Options for Adventurethon Anglesea

Bike & Kayak Hire Options for Adventurethon Anglesea

Competing in Adventurethon Anglesea has never been simpler with the ability to hire bikes and kayaks and pick them up at Race HQ on race day. If you are trying to work out the logistics of getting your kayak and bike to Anglesea, or worse, you don’t have one to take but you want to be part of this amazing event, we are very excited to solve all the hassle for you. (See below for equipment and hiring options).
With 5 event choices over the weekend of December 3 & 4, there are options for everyone to participate.


photo credit Alana Andrews

Ultra Adventurethon(Paddle Bike Run)

  • Paddle 16km (Ocean)
  • Mountain Bike 29km (Mostly singletrack with more technical options)
  • Trail & beach Run 16km

If you train a fair bit (or are going to start doing so), people call you crazy, you love technical options on the mountain bike where you can get them. You love it when the sea gets a bit bumpy and mostly want to go paddling then, you love to run and enjoy a challenge… did i also mention you have to be a bit of a nutter?


Photo credit Alvin Ang

Dirty Duathlon (Run Bike Run) – no Kayak needed – so just hire your bike and you’re set!

  • Beach Run 1 km
  • Mountain Bike 29km (Mostly singletrack with more technical options)
  • Trail & beach Run 16km

If you are a bit crazy like the Ultras description above BUT you don’t really paddle, then this is the one for you.  Most people who are just discovering the Sport of Adventurethon or have been prioritising their running and biking, triathletes, runners and mountain bikers quickly adapt to the Dirty duathlon, get hooked and take up paddling so they can do the Ultra…Or if you hate all things water, then this might be the one for you!
Villawood Properties Enduro Adventurethon(Paddle Bike Run)

  • Paddle 7km ( Conditions dependant ocean or river)
  • Mountain bike 23km (mostly singletrack with less technical options than Ultra)
  • Trail and beach run 8km

Photo credit Alana Andrews

If you want the full paddle bike run experience but maybe cant put the hours into training…the event feels more like a sprint to those that have experience in longer distance events which can be fun BUT for a first timer it gives the perfect balance of pleasure and pain, really achievable by many people willing to give it a go and push themselves.
 A lot of triathletes, Runners and Mountain bikers quickly adapt to the Enduro Adventurethon, get hooked and take up more skills and distances in training so they can do the Ultra…We also have many seasoned long course competitors swing back to the Enduro when life gets busy, work is hectic, kids need running after lots and in general training time is hard to find.
Peak Adventure Taste of Adventurethon

  • Paddle 1 km (protected paddle)
  • Mountain Bike 10km (less technical and less physical option than the larger events)
  • Trail & beach run 4km

You probably haven’t done anything off road before or may have done a tiny bit, the paddle is short enough that you probably don’t need more than a 60 minute training session with a paddle instructor or a mate to get through it. Its the perfect testing of the sport for anyone who has never done a large race before. (if you can make it through  gym class or Bootcamp you will make it through the taste of Adventurethon)


Photo credit Darren Thomas

Junior Adventurethon

  • Paddle 1 km (protected paddle)
  • Mountain Bike 10km (less technical and less physical option than the larger events)
  • Trail & beach run 4km

The Junior race is made pretty tough for the little kids, its a big challenge for them to complete it all solo so if they haven’t got out and done a bit of training prior we suggest you get them to team up rather than do it all solo. That said we have seen heaps of kids do really well if they get out and about with their parents in the lead up, kids who already include swimming and paddle boards like nippers tend to really excel in the paddle leg. (parents can jump into the taste to run along side them if you want)
So now you have decided which race to do…what next?
Simply pre-purchase your EVENT REGISTRATION, then BIKE HIRE and KAYAK HIRE and you’re all set. Now you better get outdoors and get training! If you are looking for some events to get involved in or training ideas check out The Road to Adventurethon Anglesea
**Early Bird ends September 30**


*image for reference purposes only and exact colour and model subject to change

Thanks to GORATS, you can hire a current model GT Avalanche Sport mountain bike for your event.
This is a Hardtail (which simply means it has front suspension to help you travel over any obstacles you may encounter on your ride. They come with Hydraulic Disk brakes and range in sizes  Sm/Med/Lge. Helmets are included.
For other bikes including Dually’s, Kids, Womens, and even electric MTB contact GORATS direct
*please note image is for reference only, and exact colour etc are subject to change
To organise your bike hire NOW click HERE
Make sure you select Saturday or Sunday, depending on which event you are competing in.
**Early Bird ends September 30**
If you don’t have your kayak sorted Peak Adventure has kayaks for hire – with a range of options depending on your ability and paddling experiences and preferences. Check out their website (on the link below) and contact them with any questions regarding the best option for you.

Single CTR

Peak AdventurePeak_Adventure_Logo will have a large assortment of Craft including High end ocean ski’s as well as beginner friendly sit on top plastic kayaks and Double sit on plastic kayaks.
Book your hire early to secure your craft!
Email: info@peakadventure.com.au
Phone: (03) 9391 3647

Double CTR

Direct link to the boats on hire for Adventurethon Anglesea via Peak Adventure HERE. Please select the boat of your choice, there are different styles of various prices, plastic CTR being the cheapest, and there are double kayaks to share the fun if you aren’t as experienced. (Plastic boats are cheaper to hire than fibreglass)
Now you have all your gear sorted, don’t forget:
**Early Bird prices END September 30**

Register HERE.


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