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Townsville, QLD


24th SEPTEMBER 2022

Charters Towers – Logistics


This pages includes information about general logistics. Competitors undertaking ‘The Gauntlet’ should consult ‘The Gauntlet’ page for logistics that are more specific to that event as it does involve a lot more than the Sprint or Enticer events.


How to get to the Charters Towers Adventurethon Event

Getting to Charters Towers Region

Charters Towers is a beautiful inland town located approximately 130 kms south west from Townsville, approximately 480 kms north of Emerald and 250 kms east of Hughenden and is known as the gateway to the outback.

There are three major highways that transect the region, and they are:

  • The Lynd Highway (north – south through Greenvale and Charters Towers);
  • Flinders Highway (east – west through Mingela, Charters Towers, Balfes Creek, Homestead and Pentland); and,
  • Clermont Highway, also known as Gregory Developmental Road (north – south from Charters Towers through Belyando Crossing).

The major tourism routes of the Great Inland Way and Overlander’s Way, which includes these the abovementioned major highways, intersect at Charters Towers and include sights and scenes as vast as the ochre coloured outback to the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea and a diverse range of historical and natural wonders.

Getting to Big Bend HQ area

Big Bend is accessed off the Gregory Development Road and is about 28 km north from Charters Towers. There is a small road sign indicating the turn (on the right when heading north). Look out for the Adventurethon flags on your right as you head north towards the Lynd.

Some of the camping areas can be accessed by 2wd vehicle however the campsites further in may require 4wd to access.

There is a small creek crossing which can turn into a raging torrent after heavy rain. There are some sandy sections and it is a bit twisty so 4wd may be required. You can get a camper trailer in, however there are can be some tight bends and boggy sections so use your discretion.


Accommodation options in Charters Towers include motels, caravan parks and hotels. It is a reasonable drive from Charters Towers to Big Bend so make sure you leave sufficient time if you choose to stay in Charters.

Alternatively there is free bush camping at Big Bend but you will need to be pretty self sufficient. Not a problem for the experienced camper but novices might find it interesting. We will be camping so come and have a chat around the fire and a few beers (carb loading?) and enjoy the outdoors.

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