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Coffs Adventurethon 2014 – Race Report & Wrap Up

Coffs Adventurethon 2014 – Race Report & Wrap Up


Over 500 visitors, athletes and supporters gathered to compete or cheer on the adventurous over the weekend.

Coffs Harbour 2014 Start of Taste & Junior

Sunday Race Start – Photograph by Graham Simons

With 2014 being the second year in the running, Adventurethon Event Coordinators are proud to say numbers dramatically increased since last year and see many successful years to come. Around 200 adventurous locals and national athletes took forth to tackle the outskirts of Coffs Coast.

Raidlight Ultra Coffs Harbour logo

Elite Ultra
Our Adventurethon Champ, Jarad Kohlar struck again taking the Ultra Elite Championship on Saturday. Jarad tackled the 16km Paddle, 10.96km Point to Point trail run, 35km Mountain Bike & 6km Trail & beach run in only (4:26:28). Previous Uncle Toby’s Champion, Guy Andrews also kept his position from last year finishing 2nd in (4:36:13) with Leo Theoharis scraping in not far behind taking 3rd place (4:47:57).

Coffs Harbour 2014 JaradKohlarLQ

Jarad Kolhar, Elite Raidlight Ultra Champion

Male Opens
It was a tough match between our Male Opens Enduro Junkies with Matt OGarey being the first in from the 16km paddle. Matt flew in on his Stellar Ski in 1:20:25 which gave him a great head start in the race. Although, Jon Iles caught Matt on the first Run leg which gained him 1st place in their age category, finishing in (5:18:38). Matt didn’t show any mercy (especially after stacking it on the bike course) taking 2nd place in (5:43:43). Dan Teasdale gave it his all and took 3rd place in (06:18:57).
Coffs Harbour 2014 Stellar Kayak - Matt OGarey

Matt OGarey’s fastest Stellar Ski Kayak first in from Ultra Paddle

Female Opens
It was a tough run for the girls on the Ultra course with Karen Masson finishing in 1st place for the Female Open category in (5:46:07). Emma Frances returned this year and was again able to take a spot in the top 3 finishing 2nd place (6:18:57).
Our teams showed us how encouragement and team support can get your that extra mile with No idea coming through on top in the Teams Category finishing 1st place (5:02:33). Team Sweet As took 2nd place (5:33:48) and Newcastle Shield Maidens in 3rd place (5:38:22).
Raidlight Ultra Adventurethon, Team Sweet As

Raidlight Ultra Adventurethon, Team Sweet As

Stellar Enduro Coffs Harbour Logo
We had a great turn out for the Stellar Kayaks Enduro this year making it a tough competition for the top 3 titles of each category.
Male Opens
David Witney was the first individual to cross the line, taking 1st place for the Open Male category (3:09:16). Austin Northey broke crossed the line in (04:02:50) taking 2nd place with Tim George not far behind on (04:37:09).
Stellar Kayaks Enduro, David Witney 1st Place Open Male (Photography – GeoSnapShot)

Stellar Kayaks Enduro, David Witney 1st Place Open Male
(Photography – GeoSnapShot)

Female Opens
Jemma Burtonwood was the first female over the line taking 1st place in (04:04:29) followed by Kristina Meskauskaite (04:36:43) then Kylie Marle (5:18:59).
Male Masters
Michael Dougherty from Coffs Coast Tri Club used his skills and determination to come 1st place for the Male Masters category (3:41:23). Tim Jacobs was only point 2 seconds behind finishing 2nd in (5:18:59) and Brad Poidevin taking 3rd place (4:29:24).
Female Masters
It was only a 7 minute difference between 1st and 2nd place for the Female Masters category and Cath O’Donneill’s determination put her in 1st place (04:39:05) with Melissa Bulloch in 2nd (04:47:03). It wasn’t much long after Sara Hinds took 3rd place in (5:27:47).
Stellar Kayaks Enduro Adventurethon, Team Bec & Ky

Stellar Kayaks Enduro Adventurethon, Team Bec & Ky

Male Grand Masters
Our Grand Masters certainly showed that age doesn’t make a difference with Colin Williams zooming in at (3:53:37), Rod Tindale only point seconds behind at (3:53:39) and Mark Sutton over the line in (4:51:28).
Porky Panders were the first over the line in the Enduro race finishing in (3:00:05). Team Bob Wallis Cycles were the next over the line only 5 minutes after taking 2nd place in (3:05:22). Team And Then there Were Three were in not long after in (3:25:49).
AON Dirty Duathlon Coffs Harbour Logo
Male Opens
Jaws dropped when Joel Harrigan finished the AON Dirty Duathlon in only (2:59:02) finishing 2hrs in front of those in the same category. Daniel Ripley and Brett Hannon shared the experience side by side with Daniel in 2nd place (5:11:17) and Brett in 3rd (5:11:18).
Male Masters & Teams
Brett Stevens finished only 15minutes behind Joel taking 1st place for the Male Masters Category (3:15:39) with Bruce Meder in 2nd place (3:15:39). Team Wetfitness showed us they can tackle land just as good as water finishing in (04:48:10).
Prime 7 Taste Coffs Harbour Logo
We love seeing our Taster’s having a great time out on course!
Leanne & Peter from North Queensland at Adventurethon Coffs Harbour

Leanne & Peter from North Queensland at Adventurethon Coffs Harbour

Mick Booth finished with all smiles taking 1st place for the Males category (01:07:11). Chris Cook was only minutes behind claiming 2nd place (1:15:12) followed by Peter Roberts in (1:19:19).
The ladies also had a ball out on course with Bree Rooney claiming her 1st place title for the second year in a row (01:01:09), also being the first individual to finish. Trudy Teasdale kept close behind taking 2nd place (01:01:52) followed by Kristie Hildebrand in (01:15:52).
Genesis members dominated the course for the Team Category claiming 1st place by Genesis Toormintors (00:59:54) and 2nd place by Team Genesis (01:01:52). Team Instant Juniors joined in on the celebrations taking 3rd place in (01:10:27).
Coffs Coast Junior Coffs Harbour Logo
Our Juniors exceeded our expectations with a lot more competing than last year.
Male 8-12yrs
Ryan Gilchrist left us speechless with his performance out on course, dominating first place against all categories and event Taste athletes for most the race. Ryan claimed 1st place for his age category finishing in only (00:53:37). In 2nd place, Camdem Ayton finished only 3 minutes behind (00:56:59) followed by Oliver Sharp (01:05:35).
Female 8-12yrs
The girls put up a tough fight with the Anderson girls obtaining 1st and 2nd place. Tiana found herself crossing the line in (01:06:49) followed by Carissa (01:20:58). Hannah Joseph followed close behind to claim 3rd place (1:24:38).
Coffs Coast Junior 8-12yrs, Indianna & Maddison Symons

Coffs Coast Junior 8-12yrs, Indianna & Maddison Symons

Team 8-12yrs
The Fantastic Three did a Fantastic job finishing number 1 on the ladder in (01:04:24). The Sparkle Dust Squad were only 4 minutes behind taking 2nd place in (01:08:41) and then Stockton Sharks in 3rd place (01:24:07).
Male 13-17yrs
Jai Lyons sent the crowed crazy after pushing himself to his limits and gaining ground on the last run leg; passing Ryan Gilchrist JUST before the finish line. Jai was the first to cross the line on Sunday against all in the Junior and Taste courses (00:53:20). Drew Gilchrist showed the motivation runs in the family finishing 2nd place in (00:59:17) with Lachlan Joseph obtaining 3rd place in (01:18:33).
Coffs Coast Junior Adventurethonm, Jai Lyons

Coffs Coast Junior Adventurethonm, Jai Lyons

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