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Competitor Profile: Big Tony Tackles the Taste

Competitor Profile: Big Tony Tackles the Taste

One of the things we love most about Adventurethon is the inclusiveness for all people, no matter their size, fitness, etc. There are options for top end athletes right through to beginner and children. Whether you cross that line first or completely last, every one of them is championed as they cross that finish line, as we know just how tough the Adventurethon course can seem. The Taste of Adventurethon has enabled so many families and friends to get involved, supporting each other and getting across the line.
Adventurethon National Challenge Sunday - Pallarenda 2016 (210)As Adventurethon Townsville approaches this weekend, one such competitor is excitedly (and nervously) waiting for his first complete Taste of Adventurethon. Big Tony, as he has become affectionately known, has gone from over 200kg, and with the pleading of concerned family, started on a healthier, more active life. His motto of “You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit” reaches all he competes alongside of.
Tony’s brother, Troy, had been worried about Tony’s health and asked if he bought him a bike, would he ride with him. They began riding together and 2 years ago Big Tony participated in his first ever Adventurethon – completing the 10km bike leg (in 90 mins) as part of a team in the Connolly Suthers Taste of Adventurethon. The following year he came back to beat his time. Not only did he beat his time, but he added the run as well.


Big Tony’s brother Troy – a major support in Tony’s journey

This Sunday Tony will front the start line ready to do the whole Connolly Suthers Taste of Adventurethon after a 12 month hunt for the right boat for him, proving once again, that he is determined to not be held back by obstacles. He says, “I am a mixture of excitement and nerves but I can’t wait to be on the beach waiting to race “.
The Connolly Suthers Taste of Adventurethon includes a 1km paddle, 10km mountain bike ride and 3.6km trail run. This is a perfect event for getting friends and family involved in being active out
We asked Tony what his advice would be to someone starting out and wanting to try their first Taste of Adventurethon, but maybe feeling a little scared. He replied, “Anything is achievable if you try your hardest. At my first Adventurethon I was scared, not just because it was my first time, but because I was afraid of what people would say as I was a really big boy weighing over 200kgs. But the support and people cheering you on it keeps you going and the feeling of crossing that finish line – it is a feeling of a life time. What I’m trying to say is it’s not just for athletes it’s for everyone that wants to try have fun and better themselves.”
The Connolly Suthers Taste of Adventurethon kicks off Sunday morning at 9am. There is (just barely) time to register – with regos closing Wednesday 28th June.
Head to the website www.advenutrethon.com.au/events/townsville for more information

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