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Kayak options for Adventurethon East Gippsland

Kayak options for Adventurethon East Gippsland

The paddle course for Adventurethon East Gippsland this March 30/31 is suitable for many types of paddle craft.

Rudders- Either surf rudders or trailing rudders will be fine, the water is deep and there are no shallow rocky sections meaning an Ocean Ski, k1, outrigger or sea kayak will be more than suitable.





(lower Mitchell river shown here)


Kayak Hire- Is available thanks to Peak Adventure and we have organised kayak hire ready to collect from the start area of the event.

Single Kayak/ Ski Hire options

  • Beginner $80
  • Intermediate $80
  • Advanced $80

Pairs Category comes with the chance to hire a Double CTR kayak for only $50 and a limited amount of these are available when you complete your entry.This option will suit those without ther own single boat or those who want to share the adventure with a friend. (Adventure racers or mixed abilities paddlers especially)





These Double craft are stable, Rudder Controlled and suit a wide variety of skills


Paddles/ PFD Hire

$5 per paddle & $5 per PFD (bring Cash for these on event weekend)


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