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Abseil added into 20km run East Gippsland Adventure run as part of Adventurethon stage race

Announcement! an Abseil has been added to the Large (20km) Adventure run as part of the Adventurethon East Gippsland 3 stage event [caption id="attachment_17108" align="alignleft" width="200"] Example Abseil shown[/caption] Thanks to Snowy River Expeditions roper operators limited places! ENTRIES NOW OPEN   Limited places will include those doing the full stage race...

Australians Invade Coast to Coast

Australian multi-sport athletes James Pretto and Alex Hunt are returning over the ditch to take on the previously NZ dominated Coast to Coast (C2C). C2C is a monumental exercise in endurance that takes a special athlete to win. The last international athlete to win this...