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Resolutions achieved?

Resolutions achieved?

Whether it be for new year, or just because you decide you need to change your life in some way at some other time, resolutions reflect a desire to CHANGE something about ourselves.

Decisions to inaugurate change can take many forms but generally they signal a desire to change life for the better; better health (weight loss, quit- smoking, sugar, fat, etc) or improved fitness (gym regularly, walk more, ride to work, train, bootcamp, etc). In effect all these ideas lead to important outcomes if followed through; better long-term physical and mental health and its concomitant benefits.

Here we provide a simple recipe to help you achieve your new resolutions. We really do mean simple, just set yourself an ACHIEVABLE GOAL. Find something you think you would enjoy and go for it. If your resolution is as basic as a short walk once a week to improve fitness you have the basis of an achievable goal to drive that resolution forward. Your goal might be to achieve a certain distance or time for that walk. The resolution is to walk, the goal is to aim for the distance/time. The goal provides the incentive to continue with your resolution until the goal is achieved. The resolution gets you started and the goal helps form habit that leads to achievement.

How do you set a goal? Firstly, it must relate to something you desire or think would be good to achieve. Secondly it must fit with your present health/fitness situation. Thirdly and most importantly it must be ACHIEVABLE in a reasonable timeframe. Don’t aim to run 100 kms next month if you are just taking up running now! Be realistic and set goals that you know you could achieve. Remember, once one goal is achieved you can set another more challenging one if you are enjoying your success. Good goal setting and subsequent achievements feel awesome no matter how insignificant they may appear to others, remember this is about YOU, and you alone because it is you making the decisions, even if you are driven to achieve the goals for external (family, friends) reasons.

Not surprisingly we see Adventurethon as a great opportunity to get people motivated to have a go, get outside, see different surroundings, try different sports, experience adrenalin, fun and excitement, and achieve success in a family friendly atmosphere. Our events cater to all levels of ability so you can tailor your resolution to suit your potential. To hark back to the initial introduction to this article we believe IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU IT WON’T CHANGE YOU. So, go on and get involved, we promise you will love the achievement whether that is as simple as finishing a short trail run stage or completing the grand slam of long stages. It’s up to you now, start thinking about your potential and remember:

GOAL = Adventurethon = fun ahead = incentive to train = improved mental health & physical fitness = weight loss = greater life expectancy = happier disposition = greater positivity = success

I wish you success whatever resolution and goal you set for yourself


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