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Kohlar & Francis Dominate Adventurethon Townsville, Now Bound for New Zealand in 2015

Kohlar & Francis Dominate Adventurethon Townsville, Now Bound for New Zealand in 2015

Kohlar & Francis Dominate Adventurethon Townsville, Now Bound for New Zealand in 2015
Jarad Kohlar and partner Emma Francis were the first individual male and Female to Cross the finish line at the BNG Sports Ultra Adventurethon and in addition to their prize purse will be heading to the Speights Coast to Coast multisport race in New Zealand in 2015.
Adventurethon Townsville National Challenge
21st -22nd JUNE 2014
The weekend shed yet again great successes, joy and new experiences with a sell-out event of 400 competitors eager to tackle Pallarenda’s landscapes. This year reached new milestones for Adventurethon having over 70 juniors compete along with over 130 competitors who have never competed in an Adventurethon before.
Paddle leg – Ultras & Enduros TSV 2014
Throughout the week, the weather hit some nerves with a few days of ongoing rain, but without a doubt the rain cleared by the weekend and Townsville really showcased how gorgeous North Tropical Queensland can be with our beaming sun and cool soft winds. Runners and Mountain Bikers favoured these conditions making the courses a much more comfortable race although the serious Paddlers would have preferred a lot more wind for those downwind runners.
Townsville Adventurethon paddle north queensland
Paddle leg – Ultras & Enduros TSV 2014
Ultra BNG Sports Logo_LQ
Elite Individuals
Adventure racing champion JARAD KOHLAR finished in 1st place as the Elite Individual making 2014 his third year in a row as the Adventurethon National Challenge champion. KOHLAR completed the BNG Sports ULTRA Adventurethon course in 4:03:41nearly 55 minutes faster than his 2013 time. With just over nine minutes behind, 2014 Magnetic Island ULTRA winner SAM STEDMAN finished in 2nd place at 4:13:00 followed by Victorian PAUL PATRICK in 3rd place at a time of 4:31:26.
Jarad Kohlar finish Paddle Leg – Ultra Adventurethon TSV 2014
Male Opens
Eighteen year old LUKE SMYTHE showed his continuous participation payed off taking 1st place in the open males category (4:32:39) smashing his 2013 time by 1.5 hours. DANE WEST stepped it up from the ENDURO 2013 Magnetic Course to this year’s Townsville ULTRA finishing 2nd in 4:52:29 while Al Jefferson took 3rd place only four minutes behind (4:56:38).
Female Opens
EMMA FRANCIS and JOANNE KOY showed women can really out-do men with EMMA taking 1st place in the female opens (5:47:14) and JOANNE in 2nd place (6:08:31).
Male Masters 40yrs+
After taking down the 2013 Townsville ENDURO title DAVID NAHRUNG again took 1st place but this time in the ULTRA (5:13:23). GORDON COLLISON couldn’t quite catch DAVID but in the end took 2nd place in 5:45:02 while TROY OGILVIE finished 3rd in 6:18:39.
Male Grand Masters 50yrs+
These guys showed age don’t matter with 2013 Townsville ENDURO third winner ADAM SMITH moving up to 1st for this year’s ULTRA’S (5:21:25). MARK BATSCH too moved up from ENDURO to ULTRA giving him a well-earned 2nd place (6:12:38). ROBERT SMYTHE, father of the LUKE (2014 ULTRA open’s Male winner), gave their family name another year placing taking down 3rd place in 6:15:27.
Clydesdale Over 90kg
DANNY MILES too gave himself a massive challenge by stepping up to this year’s ULTRA from 2013 ENDURO completing the course in 6:38:34 with a well-deserved 1st place for the Clydesdale category.
The team’s showcased great cooperation and encouragement throughout the weekend with Team WANNA-BEES owning 1st place in 4:18:49. One of our 2014 Sponsors had a crack with Team HORAN & BIRD taking 2nd place in 4:49:14 while Team LATITUDE 19 moved up the board from 5th in 2013 to 3rd place this year (5:13:18).
Enduro Toyota Logo_LQ
Male Open
It was a tough fight between the ENDURO’S with over 90 competing. RYAN ELLERY moved up from 4th to 1st place this year beating his 2013 time by nearly half an hour (2:26:59). MATT JULIAN followed RYAN’S steps moving from 6th last year to 2nd place (2:45:20) while RYAN HOLDSWORTH stayed close behind taking 3rd place in 2:46:54.
Female Open
After coming 2nd place in the ULTRA last year JENNI ROBERTS took down 1st in the ENDURO this year finishing in 2:50:40. LIAN SCHMIDT was only minutes behind coming 2nd place (2:55:03) while ANA WEGNER came 3rd overall (3:02:21).
Male Masters 40yrs+
The masters mastered the course with ANDREW EVERINGHAM taking 1st place. Due to misdirection from course marshals TONY SUNDERLAND was credited time and fell 2nd place with TREVOR BROWN at 2:40:24. MARCO VOGEL let no-one take his place coming 3rd like last year at 2:48:33.
Female Masters
Previous Australian Female Rugby Union player MELANIE GOEHR demonstrated she can still get rough taking 1st place (2:54:49) while KIMBERLEY NAGLE (3:16:08) & JOANNE FAIRBROTHER (3:22:07) stuck it out for their place on the podium.
Male Grand Masters 50yrs+
GREG ELWIN took the win this year coming 1st place rather than 2nd (2:47:51) while ALASTAIR BUCHAN took 2nd only 5.5 minutes from GREG (2:53:37). Our old time favourite GRAEME BOWER once again owned himself a placing coming 3rd (3:13:28).
With a couple of extra teams than last year, Team FREE RADICALS BLUE took down 1st position in 2:22:37. Team TWO MEN AND A GIRL weren’t far behind coming 2nd (2:29:18) while Team RENDA ROCKETS took 3rd place in 2:48:44.
Duo AON Logo_LQ
Open Male
The Duathlon’s took favour of the perfect weather with 2014 Magnetic Island DUO champ TIMOTHY ILLES again taking 1st place in 2:45:47. TYSON BURNS didn’t give with crossing the line only 8 minutes after TIMOTHY coming 2nd at 2:54:03. JULIAN PICOT also took his second stance coming 3rd place at 3:02:29 just after coming 2nd in the Magnetic Island duathlon.
Female Open
2014 Magnetic Island Enduro second placer LAURA DUNSTAN made hard competition coming 1st place for the DUATHLON at 3:30:01. BRANDI WATSON was only 5 minutes behind to take 2nd place in 3:35:13 while TAMARA COOK took 3rd place in 3:41:38.
MountainBike TownsvilleLQ
Photograph by Scott & Mandy Cheers. Female Open Competitor Cathalina Anderson
Masters 40yrs+
The oldies were goldies with a tough fight between GRAHAM DAVIES at 1st place (3:12:26), DAVID ALESSIO in 2nd place (3:16:05) and MICHAEL HIBBLE moving up from 4th place last year to 3rd on the podium this year (3:29:57). The ladies also showed they can get out and dirty with MARYLYN LEYLAND taking 1st place for the womens (4:31:48) followed by TRACEY CLEMENTS in 2nd place (5:01:21).
Photograph by Scott & Mandy Cheers. Duathlon Male Masters Competitor Matt Reusch
There was no bulling around with team NO BULL taking 1st place in 2:37:56 with team TOP BRAND CYCLES close behind taking 2nd place at 2:43:14. Team QUICK OLD GUYS showed they were quick old guys crossing the line at 2:55:10 with 3rd place.
With a number of newbies this year it was great to see our adults and juniors having fun on the Sunday.
Mountain Bike TownsvilleLQ
Photograph by Scott & Mandy Cheers. Taste Competitors.
Taste HOT FM Logo_LQ
PAUL SHAFER came zipping through the finish at 1:04:24 taking 1st place for the male taste (1:04:24). Just over 3 minutes behind, PAUL SMITH owned 2nd place (1:07:40) with ANDREW BOYLE taking 3rd place shortly after (1:08:38). The females were popular this year with over 35 female contestants. First timer JANELLE FLEMMING took 1st place in the females at 1:16:12 with MELISSA KENNY taking 2nd place (1:21:23) and AMBER THOMAS at 3rd (1:21:29).
Team STUBBORN A’s finished the course within an hour taking 1st place for teams at 58:52. Team BUSHLAND BEACH BOOTCAMP also did an amazing job crossing the line and taking 2nd place at 1:08:24 with THE GREEN TEAM taking 3rd place at 1:24:40.
Junior Sealink Logo_LQ
It was great to see an astounding number of juniors this year with no DNF’s for the day. OLIVER GIBSON took 1st place for males 13-16yrs in 1:01:40 followed by HITESHIN LOPATA in 2nd (1:10:41) and FIONN KILLIN in 3rd place at 1:12:47. With only a few girls in the category, REBECCA NAHRUNG grabbed 1st in 1:21:41 followed closely by LIZZIE ROCHE in 2nd position (1:31:36) and CAITLYN HEYER in 3rd place (1:40:55).
Team CUZZIEBROS put up a fight for 1st place at 1:07:16 as the girls from Team OCEANIC FEMALE WARRIORS followed close behind taking 2nd place at 1:15:36. Team OCEANIC FIGHTERS didn’t back down crossing the line at 1:47:39 coming 3rd place.
There were smiles all over with the youngen’s taking each step to cross that line. THOMAS HARTE was the first 8-12yrs individual competitor to finish taking 1st for his category at 1:14:32. NATHANIEL HORNE proudly took 2nd place only 2 minutes behind from THOMAS at 1:17:19 while JARREN WALKER took 3rd at 1:18:57. The girls did just as great with ELLIARNA MITCHEL owning 1st position at 1:15:45, CHELSEA SMITH with 2nd place at 1:27:27 and IMOGEN BLACKLOCK taking 3rd place at 1:29:03.
Junior Mountain bike TownsvilleLQ
Photograph by Scott&Mandy Cheers. 8-12yrs competitor Summer Stead
Team LOBBY flew through the course finishing 1st in 1:12:42 while the TRIBAL KIDS took 2nd place only 4 minutes behind at 1:17:23 and Team Bgees took 3rd place at 1:25:56.
A big thank you to all our 2014 sponsors:

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