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Nutrition Secrets to Optimal Performance

Nutrition Secrets to Optimal Performance

Nutrition Secrets to Optimal Performance

Nutrition is a key factor when it comes to optimal performance and Vitargo is a product that every Adventurethoner should be aware of.
We will save the scientific evidence for the go brainers till last, but all YOU need to know is that Vitargo’s s2 formula is unique to the ordinary sport, energy or recovery drink you are taking right now.
Your optimal performance will massively improve with Vitargo, being a carbohydrate drink with ZERO SUGAR giving you FASTER ABSORPTION of carbohydrates and NO annoying stomach discomfort or bloating.
What most athlete’s struggle with is consuming the right amount of carbohydrates to make up for those that are lost during training. With Vitargo you will absorb twice as much carbohydrates in a smaller amount of time than other products due to its molecular formation.
Vitargo is great for all ages before, during and after training or competition, allowing you to perform harder, longer, faster and even recover a hell of a lot better than ever before!
Hear more from the experts. Interview with Anthony Almada giving you an insight on why Vitargo is so beneficial to cyclists but also other athletes.
Training for Endurance events like Ironman, Xterra & Adventurethon when you have kids
Read on for more scientific evidence on how you should be taking this product than others.

Vitargo vs Other products – An Optimal Performance Discovery

Vitargo S2 is specially processed to yield a molecular profile that is massively different from the carbs that make up sugars (e.g. glucose, fructose, sucrose) and maltodextrin found in ordinary sport, energy, and recovery drinks.
Only Vitargo’s low osmolality, molecular carbohydrate form is university-research proven to move through the stomach more than twice as fast as the carbohydrates (e.g. maltodextrin and sugars) found in other sport drinks and powders. That means faster carbohydrate digestion and absorption into the body. It also means no Research shows that simple sugar-based products such as gels & sports drinks take around 25 minutes to be digested, absorbed & transported through the blood to working muscles. Part of the reason for this is that, for sugar to be absorbed quickly, without causing stomach discomfort, it needs to be combined with water & the total carbohydrate concentration shouldn’t be higher than 7%.
This can be achieved by mixing 25g carbohydrate with about 350mL water. The solution will then become isotonic & pass through the gastrointestinal wall & be transported to muscle cells for optimal glycogen & electrolyte repletion.
Vitargo’s difference all comes down to the way in which it is processed. Being a low osmolarity, high molecular density carbohydrate and DOES NOT require the water that simple sugar-based products do.
With Vitargo you can consume twice as many calories as your body would normally be able to handle without causing gastric upset.

How it works

Vitargo’s low osmolality allows it to move through the stomach over 2X faster than other carbohydrates, which tend to act more like a sponge in the stomach. Spending less time in the stomach allows Vitargo® to be delivered to the part of the intestinal tract—the duodenum—where it is rapidly digested and absorbed.
This provides a near immediate surge in energy to blood and muscle, superior to other ordinary carbohydrates. After training or competition is over Vitargo® recovers glycogen 168% faster, allowing for an increase in performance up to 23% greater after just two hours when compared to carbohydrates found in ordinary sport and recovery drinks.
Definition of Low Osmolarity: to concentrate it as much as you want & the absorption through the stomach & GI tract will not differ even if it’s as thick as mud.
Definition of high molecular density: Each Vitargo molecule is larger (twice the size) than a sugar molecule, meaning less molecules per gram but same amount of calories. This puts much less stress on your gastrointestinal tract but allows you to actually absorb twice as much. Since we don’t require as much water to absorb Vitargo, it actually clears the stomach, enters the bloodstream & replenishes glycogen all in the space of only 10minutes, which is 2 and a half times that of sugar!
Products can be purchased online at: www.genr8speed.com

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