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Paddle like a Pro

Paddle like a Pro

Or at least see how it should be done

We see many paddlers, even some of the better racers, paddling with fairly poor technique. They ‘get away’ with poor technique because they are strong, but they could be faster with less energy expenditure if their techniques were improved.

We can’t and won’t all be top line paddlers no matter how much we refine our techniques or build paddling strength. However we can all become more efficient paddlers if we approach it right; learn good technique to propel us forwards. With technique improvements comes more confidence, stability and speed so it is probably a worthwhile exercise to visit the techniques of great paddlers and see what we can learn.

There is a really beneficial video series from a couple of multiple gold medal Olympians/world champions that break down paddling technique into an easy to swallow format. To get the most benefit from this series you should start with the first one because it sets out the key features of a ski so you have an understanding of what is needed to get the best setup, something that is really important for paddling efficiency. The following 2 videos set out the most important components of your paddle stroke to become more proficient.

An ideal starting point for new, and great revision source for more experienced, paddlers. Think CLARENCE VALLEY and TOWNSVILLE Adventurethon events as the ideal place to work towards showing off your improved technique.

Happy viewing and paddling