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Race Report – Adventurethon Coffs Harbour 2016

Race Report – Adventurethon Coffs Harbour 2016


Photo credit Oceanbazz Pics & Videos

Perfect weather conditions…this is definitely not something we were presented with for the 2016 Adventurethon Coffs Harbour event. The wind gusts were intense (with even some of the Adventurethon crew having their tent blown flat over the morning while at Adventurethon).
The intended paddle out towards split Solitary Island was changed to 6 laps (Ultra) & 3 laps (Enduro) in the harbour to keep paddlers safety a first priority. This was a better option than no paddle at all! Quite a few people did only 1 lap of the paddle course before realising just how rough the conditions really were.
Matt O’Garey took off with a surge, followed closely by Guy Andrews. With paddling backgrounds they made best use of the swell to continue to surge forward. As a member of a team, Matt had the freedom to go flat out and rest after the paddle. Would Guy do the same and put it all in in the paddle or knowing that he had the other legs still to come, space out the effort and take back time over the other legs.
First off the water was Matt O’Garey in team Wet Fitness, followed closely by Port Paddlers. The jostling at the front between these two teams would prove interesting. Team Port Paddlers over took Guy towards the end of the paddle, making the most of the swell to pick up time. Tom Chadbourne (from Western Australia) was sitting in the back at about 5th in the paddle.
In the women’s field, Darlene Cheney’s paddling has improved a lot in recent times and she gave herself a sizeable lead coming in from the paddle of almost 15 minutes over Jodie Willett. Jodie had a point to prove after the Adventurethon Albany paddle was too much for her and she ended up with a modified course.
Once off the water, Ultra competitors headed out on their first run, encompassing the headlands. This had some spectacular views and the opportunity to see whales and the ocean for much of the run towards T2 (Transition 2).

Photo credit – Barry McCulloch – Oceanbazz Pics & vids

When Tom Chadbourne was the first individual male in to transition 2, we knew Guy Andrews couldn’t be too far away. Two minutes later, as Guy took a stumble and ended up in the dirt. He didn’t spend much time in transition and we knew the mountain bike leg is an enjoyable one, so we were keen to see what distance he would make up, or if Tom would increase his lead further.
In the teams, Port Paddlers made up their 2 minute deficit from the paddle with a very fast run, and both teams entered T2 within seconds of each other and headed out on their bike leg. With team members doing a singular leg that they are best at, it is easy to see why teams can be so fast. We love a good challenge! Which of the teams would come out on top?
Darleen was very quick in transition at T2 and headed out on her bike leg.
Jodie Willett entered T2 10 minutes behind the first Ultra Woman, Darleen Cheney, but as she was heading out on her favourite (& strongest) leg, the mountain bike, we were keenly watching to see if she would make up the time deficit.

Photo credit Barry McCulloch – Oceanbazz Pics & vids

Recent storms in Coffs Harbour had done some damage to sections of the trail, making them unuseable and so the extra planned loop was removed. Removal of the technical components of the bike leg assisted less technical riders – We wonder if Guy would have made up the time with a more challenging ride as he is very skilled on the mountain bike. It is a challenge we would love to see at another Adventurethon…maybe Anglesea!
Tom came back into T2 to head out on his final run and was looking good, even managing some cheeky banter on his way. Guy Andrews came in now less than two mins behind Tom, but with a niggling pain in his calf from the earlier fall, it made his last run a little slower than usual. Tom crossed the line first at Adventurethon Coffs Harbour in a time of 3:51:19 and Guy Andrews   placed second in a time of 3:56:53. Klayten Smith finished in 4:01:57. We would love to see the result if  Klayten was to do some more paddling as his paddle was quite a bit slower than Guy and Tom, but his first run and mountain bike ride had the fastest times of the day.

Team Port Paddlers after they finished their race

Team Port Paddlers crossed the finish line first ahead of team Wet Fitness by 13 seconds. We heard conversations of a rematch…and we look forward to it.
Jodie Willett zoomed into T2 off her bike and bolted back out again with a near 26 minute quicker time over Darleen on the bike leg. With now about 15 minute lead Jodie headed back to the finish line. Jodie finished first female individual Ultra in a time of 4:43:01 and Darleen 5:00:56.
In the 4 weeks leading up to Adventurethon Coffs harbour, Brett Stevens broke his hand twice and wasn’t quite sure how he would even race this weekend. At many year senior to the other Duathlon competitors Brett not only DID race, but he was first across the line by over 16 minutes. He told us how he had to take the downhill a little easier as his taped up broken finger couldn’t grip the brakes properly…Not that we endorse doing dangerous stuff, but we think that is pretty hardcore.
Craig Bycroft finished second in the Dirty Duathlon in a time of 3:06:12 and Martin Henry third with 3:09:48.
In the Duathlon teams Dan and Deb finished first with 3:39:43 and Team LOFT who travelled down from Townsville to compete, finished second with 4:00:32.
The Stellar Kayaks Enduro completed 3 laps of the harbour paddle (due to the weather conditions). There was a mixed field of athletes in the Enduro and so we knew it would be interesting seeing who placed where.  Dave Whitney, a regular at Adventurethon Coffs Harbour, had a good paddle, coming in amongst the first several paddlers. Team Wild Hogs had the fastest Enduro paddle of the day.
Shout out for good sportsmanship to Tim Lang who saw Dave take a wrong turn and shouted at him to let him know. Dave had realised and was heading back, but we it is always good to hear about great sportsmanship amongst our competitors. They remained close in times until towards the end of the run. Dave crossed the line first in 2:55:26 and Tim Lang second in 2:56:00. Third Enduro across the line was Warren Keegan 3:04:52.
Team Wild Hogs finished first in 3:05:35, second was Yeah Baby in 3:27:34 and third team was Girls Team 3:27:57.
Special mention to Brian Anderson, who after crippling back injury where getting to the start line was an awesome feat, having had to even relearn to walk. Completing an Ultra Adventurethon is a tough feat for anyone, but we are so proud of you Brian.
Sunday morning’s weather for the cocoSAMU Taste of Adventurethon and Coffs Coast Junior Adventurethon was just beautiful. The previous days winds and swells had dissipated and it was warm and pleasant conditions.
taste category logo 2016
First over the line for the Individual males in the cocoSAMU Taste of Adventurethon was Klayten Smith in a time of (01:06:00). Alex Shirley crossed second in (01:16:07) followed by Peter Roberts in (01:17:56).
First female over the line was Katherine Latter with a time of (01:12:20). Brianna was also second adult over the line! Second female was Rebecca Green with a time of (01:13:41) and third was Margaret Gill, with a time of (01:16:34).
Team Wet Fitness Boys were first to finish and also the first team to cross the finish line with a time of (01:04:39) followed by Team Patons with a time of (01:13:55) and Sawtell Paradise Fruiters finishing at (01:31:27).
coffs coast junior
Our Juniors always impress us with their grit and determination, and this year was no different. Great work by all juniors who participated in Adventurethon Coffs Harbour 2016..
Male 8-12yrs
In the Coffs Coast Juniors first male over the line in the (8-12) age group was Tom Ylien (01:02:28) backing up from his win in the same event last year, followed by Lochie Sutherland in (01:22:29) and third place was Alexander Spring (01:41:00)
Female 8-12yrs
In the girls aged 8 – 12 first was Carissa Anderson, improving her 3rd position from last year with a time of (01:19:45) followed by Ayla Savage who finished in (01:31:52) and then Stella Mulvaney (01:42:27)
Team 8-13yrs
Teams aged 8 – 12 – First over the line was The Fantastic Three with a time of (00:58:40), improving on last years 2nd place. Followed by The Little Cheetahs with a time of (01:04:34) then Team Bello Boys with (01:25:32).
Male 13-17yrs
First Junior over the line in the Male 13-17yrs was Jyii Mann, improving on his 3rd place from last year in a time of (00:58:30) followed by Lachlan Golding (01:08:07) and then Angus Roberts (01:09:49).
Female 13-17yrs
For the girls, first junior in the 13-17 age group was Katie Porra (01:09:16), second was Tiana Anderson (01:14:39). And third was Alyssa Golding (01:23:00).
For all other results please check out our results page HERE.

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