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This is not a "baby-ultra" this is a battle in its own right!!!

This is not a "baby-ultra" this is a battle in its own right!!!

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m doing…Not the big one” or “the baby Ultra” or “the little one” when talking about entering the Enduro?
IMG_9583We wanted to remind you that the VW Enduro is a battle in its own right – a fast paced, blast over 30plus km, where you can push hard on each individual leg, and cross the finish line spent, but completely satisfied.
This is the perfect race for Adventurers who consider themselves sprinters and short course specialists…(100m sprinters don’t usually take on marathons, so if you like your races short and fast, then the Enduro is your event).
The course begins with an 8km protected paddle in Horseshoe Bay around two laps of a triangular course, with buoys set up in the best position to ensure a quick paddle. This paddle enables you to push hard and fast, always able to see your competition (and the shoreline in case of less confident paddlers). Sprint between the buoys and really test out how fast you can paddle.
Adventurethon Maggie Island Saturday 19 March 2016 (306)Once back into transition you will head out on a 9km run. With a mixture of terrain and elevations, this is a very enjoyable run. The 9km are just long enough to feel like an adventure, but short enough that you can go out hard and fast and achieve a really good run leg split, especially if the run is your favourite leg.
Riding out Chk C downhillThe final leg in the VW Enduro is the 16km mountain bike leg. A stand out amongst previous Magnetic Island Adventurethons is the trail up through checkpoint C. With recent trail maintenance and adjustments, the challenge is now to be able to ride the whole way up to checkpoint c.
Even if you don’t think you are fit enough, the distances are a perfect length that if you start out nice and controlled and pace yourself, you will finish comfortably n will have the time to take in the awesome views of Maggie Island.
But if you are after a fast, hard edged course, get into the VW Enduro! Don’t enter the “marathon of Adventurethon” just to keep your mates happy or because you think it’s the only ‘real’ race at Adventurethon!
Course maps for VW Enduro Adventurethon HERE
More info or to register for Enduro at www.adventurethon.com.au/events/magnetic-island

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